Amazon Go is the Decline of Retail Workforce and the Emergance of a new Technocracy

I’ll say four to eight years ago began to first notice self -checkout lines first emerging at drugstores e.g., CVS and Walgreen and then of course at grocery stores. My first inclination was “Wow this is very convenient.” As my intellect matured, I began to take a different perspective. Despite the inconvenience, the implementation of […]

Concern About Who I may Vote For?!

  The one thing that inflames me the most about the independent media, who are jubilantly supporting Trump because of their robust disdain for Hilary Clinton and then in the same breath argue that independents, i.e Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson will take votes away from Donald Trump.  In all honesty, who gives a flying fuck, American […]

Kneejerk Reaction to the Nice France Attack

Subsequent, to the horrific in Nice, France, while hundreds of people celebrate Bastille Day  you have western media outlets, political leaders, and politicians who quickly called it terrorism without evidence. Their only rationale of being intellectually disingenuous because 84 people were killed and injuring at least 12 children.  In response to the attack, France President […]

Neocons Think Trump will Appoint Ron Paul as Secretary of State

Subsequent to Trump winning the Indiana Primary this past Tuesday and becoming the presumptuous nominee for the Republican Party. Neocon Blogger, Jennifer Rubin tweeted “Ron Paul Secretary of State #thingstoworryabout”. We all know where this is going, the tweet went viral in the among Conservatives, Libertarian community. We all know the stance of most neocons, they liken war and […]