Trump’s Cuba Policy seem Hypocritical


Last Friday, Donald Trump spoke at the Manuel Artime Theater in Little Havana (Miami) to discuss his new Cuban policy. Appearing in front of a crowad of Cuban- Americans, he signed an executive order to rollback part of the Obama administration Cuba policy that was implemented in 2014 to normalize relations with communist dictatorship.

So is there a complete overhaul between the Trump Cuban policy and the previous administration’s policy? According to White House officials, the administrationhave no intention of interfering with existing business ventures such as one struck under Obama, i.e., Starwood Hotels Inc, which is owned by Marriott International Inc, to manage a historic Havana hotel. In addition, the president has no inclination to reinstate limits that Obama lifted on the amount of the island’s coveted rum, cigars other exported items that Americans can bring home for personal use.

However, during his speech in Little Havana, Trump mentioned the new policy bans most U.S. business transactions with the Armed Forces Business Enterprises Group, a Cuban conglomerate involved in all sectors of the economy. There some exceptions, including air and sea travel, according to U.S. officials. This will certainly allow the free flow of travel.

“We do not want U.S. dollars to prop up a military monopoly that exploits and abuses the citizens of Cuba,” Trump articulated, pledging that U.S. sanctions would not be lifted until Cuba frees political prisoners and holds free elections. The president was keen  criticize the neigboring island over their human rights violations.

The Hypocrisy of the Trump Administration

Is Cuba a communist dictatorship? Of course. Does the government violate the human rights of its own citizen? It would be difficut to negate the evidence, but yeah. That being said, how can anyone condemn Trump’s Cuban policy, easy just by condemning it. No, but seriously it is a bit assinine for the “leader of the free world” berating a communist dictatorship, subsequent to solidifying a multi-billion dollar arms deal with one of the worse purveyor of violence in the world, Saudia Arabia (probably behind United States, Isreal, and maybe a another western nation).

The audacity of Trump calling out Cuba for their human rights violations but failing to admonish Saudia Arabia, while sword dancing and hovering his hands over a luminated ball with the Saudi King (who looks like the wizard from Lord of the Rings). According to Amnesty International Saudia Arabia have been accused of an abundance of human rights violations  among their own people and abroad. Their Middle East ally is also engaged in war with Yemen. A country who is fighting Al Qaeda for years. It makes you wonder why the Saudis would use air strikes resulting in the death thousdands of innocent civilians in Yemen, when they are fighting terrorism. Oh, I think I know maybe the Saudis is one of the key sponsors of terrorism.

The president is very hypocritical in his rhetoric and policy in regards to Cuba, while reluctant to even identify human rights violations generated by Saudi Arabia. Is it because the Saudis assist in preptuating the war on terrorism.




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