Is the State of Georgia purposely Burning Bridges?!

Late last March the city of Atlanta made national attention when I-85 bridge collapsed. The news coverage prior to the collapse showed a fire burning from a 100 ft long section of I-85 and then all of sudden this perfect geometric section of the bridge falls through.    According to the official story, the fire was ignited by a crackhead, Basil Eleby. With less than a 24-hour investigation of how this entire debacle occurred authorities evidently had their scapegoat — a crackhead.

Apparently, Eleby was smoking crack with two other homeless people, who testified that the suspected arsonist decided to burn material under the bridge. The material state officials claimed that polyvinyl chloride (PVC) piping was the material ignited by Eleby. Just keep in mind that PVC is not even a flammable and is not something that is combustible. So it makes you wonder what really happened. Was this a false flag to push a certain agenda in regards to traffic?

There are a few independent media outlets in the ATL area that also shared some speculation about this entire ordeal.

Take a look at the Really Graceful video below:

I-85 Bridge Collapse 1 

Monica Perez and the Propaganda Report podcast produced an episode analyzing the bridge collapse like no other.

I-85 Bridge Collapse 2.png

So what do you think?!




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