Trump Supporter Advocate a Mandnatory Civilian Service Program

I arrived late to a local-corporate bar to meet up a friend, who invited me to watch the Thursday Night Football game; the Atlanta Falcons vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Not a huge fan of either team but decided go either way. When I arrived, she was sitting at a communial area of the establishment amongst other Falcons fans. I bet you asking yourself when is VeraciousThought is going to get to the crest of the story. She introduced me to this older guy she was conversing with prior to my arrival. The conversation of course came up during our encounter.

With a contested Plesidential Election, the topic of is almost impossible to avoid unless you are living in an Orwellian FEMA camp. The older guy began discussing how Trump has a good message but the wrong messanger, solidifying that he was a trump supporter. I decided to rest my laynyx and decide not engage in an Anarcho-Capitalist/ Libertain debate about why Trump and Clinton are two of the worst choices. But something infuriated me during our conversation.

This Trump supporter, who is also a retired Army veteran mentioned that if Trump is elected President of the United State he should propose legislation to madate all high school graduates to either serve two years in a civil service program i.e., AmeriCorps or Peace Corps; the alternative would be to serve at least four years in the miltary. At the end of their public service an Ed-award will be offered to as a financial means to attend college. Without desiphering his propsal my friend quickly agreed it is great idea. I on the other hand quickly refuted his arguement.

It reminded me too much of 2008 when Obama called for a “civilian national security force” and the Hitlers Youth. Aside from a madated civilian service program is remincance of a socialist programs, it is also immoral. No one should be obliged to serve as a civilian servent or in the military if they choose otherwise. We all should have the freedom to choose our own destiny not have a government make that chose for us like an arranged marriage. This Trump supporter that I met is not only a statest but a collective as well.

His main premise of why this type of service should be instituted is to expose inner-city youth to a veriety of culture outside their community. It sounds like a noble idea but the use of government force to execute your own agenda is lucidly immoral. It should be proposed as an option not an obligation that a high school graduate can choose to enroll.  The solution would be to apprise these inner-city teens about the benefits of enrolling into AmeriCorps, Peac Corps, or the Military.

Subsequent to graduating from Undergrad, I decided to enroll in the AmeiCorps VISTA program because I wanted to. A good friend and classmate of mine enticed me that I should could consider joining, especially since I was apprehensive about what I wanted to do after graduation. Now, if the government passed legislation mandating graduates from either high shool or college to enroll in a civil servent program, how is this freedom?

This Trump supporter believes that obediance and serving the state is a vertuous component of being a member of society. Americans spend 12 years in government funded schools where they are trained to obey authority and a part of the collective. The lack of respect of indivuality illustrates that freedom and liberity is non-existing.






























































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