Concern About Who I may Vote For?!


maxresdefaultThe one thing that inflames me the most about the independent media, who are jubilantly supporting Trump because of their robust disdain for Hilary Clinton and then in the same breath argue that independents, i.e Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson will take votes away from Donald Trump.  In all honesty, who gives a flying fuck, American should vote using their conscious, rather than voting the party line.

These are the same media outlets for years uttered the rhetoric that the two party paradigm is destructive and is just one party of two names. Rigorously advocating for a third-party and were determine to see Ron Paul in the Oval Office. Now, all of a sudden they have seemed to have reverse positions in support of the Republican candidate Donald J. Trump while ignoring the fact that a vote for Trump will not mend the political spectrum  of the Orthros. He is also not the Messia of the Bill of Rights.

One thing that I adored about this Presidential Election season is the incremental collapse of the two-party system, with the emergence of Trump and Sanders. They have both played tug of war with the political establishment. Americans on the right left, and the middle has become increasingly irate with the political system in this country that a vote for an establishment candidate is an unacceptable choice. Now, believe me, I understand the anger from both the right and the left it is about time. The belief that one i.e., Donald Trump will circumvent the political establishment and the Global elites occluding this nation. It is a bit naive that some Americans believe that Trump will “Make America Great Again, as cute as the little baby dancing to the “All the Single Ladies” video.

I just find it blatantly asinine that the some of the promoters of the third party movement has decided not to promote the third party movement because of this infatuation with “The Donald”. Let me be perfectly honest for the reason this post is being written, I am obviously not a supporter of Donald Trump nor would I even cast a ballot for the witch Queen of DC Hilary Clinton. It is t 2o basically grasp an understanding if the alternative media even believe a third party is worth it.

As general election is becoming to fruition, it is common to hear the right say, “a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Hilary and against Trump.”However, it is language being used even more often in the alternative media. The same proponents of Ron Paul 2015 candidacy, non-interventionalist, the Constitution, and freedom are keen on supporting the Republican Party Candidate that does not abide by those principles. Or we just do not know enough what he would do. Voting for any other person other than Trump or Clinton is not voting to waste your vote, nor is it in support of the opposite candidate. It is called voting with your conscious, as Ted Cruz has so eloquently articulated during the RNC.

This argument can be easily refuted if those whose believe “a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Hilary and against Trump” would just simply vote for Johnson. Ultimately, eradicating the two-party paradigm and introducing competition with a third party. It is daunting that the alternative media refuse to acknowledge third party candidates.






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