Believe the Police State is In Full Effect

Dallas Police ShootingWhat if were to tell you a story about two incidents of two Black men shot and killed by two individuals with the silver shield dressed in blue uniforms. As you may know, they are supposed to be known as peace officers. Both incidents were captured on video and I am sorry to say not by either  officers’ body cameras. Oh yeah, that is correct they were not wearing them. A day or two after the two callous murders, by the two impatient, trigger-happy officers, five  Peace Officers were shot and killed, 12 injured, and two civilians also injured. All occurring during a peaceful protest/rally in Dallas, TX.

According to the official story, a narrative that I always fail to be the truth as the  “officials” because of the redundancy of lies in the past. Department officials revealed that Micah Xavier Johnson the lone sniper took the lives of five decorated officers because of his disdains for White  people and police officers, specifically over the incident that occurred in Batton Rouge (430 mi from Dallas) and the incident that occurred in Sait Paul (over 945 mi away).

As you should know that this story is all true, unless in the last few days you have been occluded away in a concentration camp in some rural state like Montana. To end this tragedy, the Dallas Police Department equipped with a robot bomb to annihilate Johnson. Some reports have reported that an MARCBOT (Multi-Function Agile Remote-Controlled Robot)  was deployed handle the situation. Why exterminate a killer who has already admitted that he has detonated IEDS all throughout the city. I would think you would want to prevent any additional casualties Johnson will be detained extract as much intelligence as possible. As if the department does not pose other military-style equipment, i.e.M-Wraps. Let  us also remember America, our government used a drone to kill a citizen on American soil. But this isn’t so far fetch our American government use predator drones to kill Anwar al Awlaki and his son.


There is literally no reaction from the public after the dept.decided to execute a police state with the use of  an MARCBOT to take out Johnson. It is lucid that much of the populous is distracted and desensitized to a few things, e.g. race relations in this country and police brutality and police killing. I have discussed many times how racism is a distraction to let’s see “divide and conquer”.

If violent incidents as what occurred in Dallas the police will incrementally be controlled by the federal government. Ultimately, destroying the local jurisdictions and centralizing more of our police department. We will quickly see a rapid burgeon of a militarize police state.




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