Neocons Think Trump will Appoint Ron Paul as Secretary of State

Ron Paul: Trump Photo 2016Subsequent to Trump winning the Indiana Primary this past Tuesday and becoming the presumptuous nominee for the Republican Party. Neocon Blogger, Jennifer Rubin tweeted “Ron Paul Secretary of State #thingstoworryabout”. We all know where this is going, the tweet went viral in the among Conservatives, Libertarian community. We all know the stance of most neocons, they liken war and gravitate to developing a strong military. As if the US does not have the brawniest military in the world, especially financially. I have never been able to grasp their argument behind a “robust military”.

Some Donald Trump Supporters whether they are Libertarians or are on the Ron Paul bandwagon marvel over the idea of Ron Paul in Trump’s administration in some  compacity either as the Secretary of the Treasury or Secretary of State. Good idea? Sounds like it right, placing more Libertarians in the next administration than the Republicans can handle. But I am starting to conclude that many Libertarians and Paul supports have neglected the principles of what Ron Paul stands for. Let’s also be honest with ourselves on many occasions Paul has criticized Trump’s platform many do not equate to Paul’s principles.

Foreign Policy

On April 27, 2016, Trump his first speech on Foreign Policy articulating what a Trump Administration would look like abroad. I would never speak for Ron Paul or any other man but I have studied principles. After reading Trump’s speech I notice a few things that were pretty compelling, he mentions that America needs to rebuild our military to flex our legitimacy and strength with China and Russia.While in the same breath states we have to look to save money and spending wisely. However, I know Trump is smart enough to know that a robust military will result in the pervasive growth in the military industrial complex.

Ron Paul’s position is that when we feed the military industrial complex, those weapons and armor manufacture by i.e. Lockheed Martin must  be used in some proxy war or kinetic  action. This is the problem with American’s Foreign Policy, we are constantly medaling in other nations political affairs by bringing democracy oppressive regimes. While  in all instituting our own dictators to control the region. And we wonder why blowback has become so pervasive.

We must clarify that blowback is a real term coined by our favorite alphabet intelligence agency the CIA. However, the government’s uses fear to threaten our liberties and freedoms is more of a reality than what we actually believe.

In a 2014 Fitsnews article Paul sums up what a proper foreign policy looks like:

A proper foreign policy would mean a strong national defense, but a huge reduction in interventions and commitments overseas. Why are we stirring up trouble in Ukraine? In Syria? In Africa? Why are we defending South Korea and Japan when they are wealthy enough to defend themselves? A proper sized foreign policy would defend the United States instead of provoking the rest of the world.

Trump elaborates that under the Obama Administration , the president has weakened our relationship with our only friend Isreal in the region. He elaborates that under his administration that he will have one of the most robust relationship with the only democracy in the Middle. However, as much as Trump wants to defeat ISIS, why has he failed to criticize our so called friend, Isreal for secretly purchasing  oil from ISIS tunneling through Turkey.

Reading the entire transcript of Trump’s Foreign Policy speech, which was obviously crafted by his foreign policy advisor i.e. Richard Hodge and Carter Paige both CFR;  he failed to ever once divulge into the closing foreign military bases across the world. It is lucid that his Trump’s Foreign Policy will not be drastically different from the  neocons. Does not fall under the principles of Ron Paul.

Ron Paul has definitively said a numerous times that he will not support Trump as the presumptive nominee of the GOP. So this notion that Paul will join a Trump Administration is exceedingly seldom. So neocons don’t concern yourself because Trump will not nominate Paul as his Secretary of State to threaten your foreign policy.


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