We are exactly four months away from the Republican and Democratic National Convention, hosted in the  two swing states of Cleveland, Ohio and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As of now, we have a have about 27 states and territories primaries/caucuses  left before July. However, it has seems that this Presidential Election season has become chaotic by both protestors of Donald Trump, mostly liberal and even his own supporters which resulted in the shutting down of his Chicago rally and persistent violence escalating out of control at other rallies nationwide.

Presidential Candidates 2016

Can we blame this escalation of violence, all on Trump and his rhetoric? Of course not, the foundation of the first amendment is not to protect unprovoked, positive speech. In essence to protect the speech of hate, rhetoric that the masses quarrel over. Many of these George Soros funded protestor fail to grasp the ununderstanding that the first amendment does not protect you from supporters of Trump’s movement or the blocking of traffic to prevent the intervening of rallies. In my honest opinion, his speech is distasteful and disheartening to expose my ears, for a candidate, who is running for the highest office in the land.

Trump incites violence. Many supporters may respond, “that is  just soundbites from the media.” That may be true, however, those are his own words that can’t be disputed. Trump is smart, he lucidly knows how to tap into the psyche of the angry, downtrodden, and those Americans who feed Washington has ignored their interest  which is obvious. These supporters will defend (even in violence) the message, whether it is inflammatory or not relaying from the messenger’s larynx.

I have come to the conclusion, this 2016 Presidential Election‬ had been a fascinating one, say the least.It seems that both the Democratic and Republican Party are collapsing in front of our very eyes. Oh, what a blessing, neither party are satisfied with how the outcome may turn out; Democratic establishment are uncomfortable with the type of support Bernie Sanders is receiving from this election. The Republican establishment, on the other hand, would pull every dirty trick in the book to elude to the populous vote of the American people. These two outsiders are two sides of the same coin, so the choices are nonexistent.

The American people still believe in the two-party system as if there are no other options. Broaden your scope candidates because they are out there.You have two populous: one is a narcissist business celebrity tycoon and known socialist, who wants you to believe that he is a democratic socialist (read: None Dare Call it a Conspiracy). The can argue about which is the appropriate vernacular to use but the definition never changes; the reality is that neither of these candidates is that answer. And let us just clear any speculation, I am not endorsing Clinton nor Cruz; she should be in jail along with Obama for running an armed smuggling program in Lybia, resulting in ambassadors Chis Stevens death. If the Republicans want to concern themselves with emails go right ahead. Ted Cruz’s natural born status should be the first thing to come into question regarding his eligibility. Or maybe his connection with Goldman Sachs, or even the CFR and NAFTA. You be the judge.


I would be honored to say that I coined the hashtag DontVote2016, but the reality is that a frustrating populous can only take credit for this social media phenomenon. I think it would be disingenuous and irresponsible if I did not explain my use of the hashtag.

Three years ago, I had an epiphany that there needs to be a movement or grass root revolution to demolish this destructive two-party paradigm. The Democrats and Republicans are nothing other than a two-sided coin. So #DontVote2016 was born in my mind. The 17 characters added at the end of a tweet or a Facebook pot is not to encourage people not to vote, but the do the opposite. The purpose of the hashtag is to convince responsible citizens to do their due diligence when considering their candidate to be the leader of the Free World. Voters need to consider candidates outside this two-party paradigm that have controlled this political machine for more than a century.

This political orthros has persuaded America that the Democrat and Republican candidates are our only choice; as if we have no other option than Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. However, the American citizenry is a part of the problem, they tend to hold their loyalty to the political orthros. But I  refuse to believe that Americans wants to continue to be duped; the leading candidate in the Republican Party almost never been a registered to that party and Sanders has always been registered Independent while a Senator.

There is an abundance  of third-party candidates running for president in 2016; we have our choice of the American Freedom Party, Constitution Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party and many more parties and candidates as an option. Maybe the hashtag should change to #DontVoteDemocratorRepublican2016 in an attempt to collapse this system.



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