The Racist Institution of the Academy?!

I recently read an article on the site The Federalist, in my opinion, one of the most respected media outlets on the internet with a libertarian-conservative base. Hans Fiene (the journalist) analyzes the racist and complacent component the Academy takes when choosing a nominee, whether white or  person of color for an Oscar.

The Federalist may have hit it on point.

Oscars Divserity problem
The Oscars Inclusionary or Exclusionary be the judge?!


In the past decade or so, I observed a few disturbing actions of this institution. The Academy choose to nominate or give an Oscar(s) to Black thespians every couple of years–rarely other non-person of color–to illustrate to the race baiters and NAACP that they recognize all thespians of all races. But technically, do they really? I would say yes. I refuse to allude that the  Academy is a racist institution, they rather remain complacent to nominating actors and actresses, who have historically won this elite award.

Some will conclude that the Academy intentionally exclude talented Black thespians from receiving an Academy Award is deliberately racist. The honest truth is that the Academy Awards has never been accepting in regards to diversity. This even the case after Cheryl Boone Isaacs was named the president in 2014. However, the acting community and movie watchers have time and time again failed to realize this simple fact. Stop holding the Oscars the highest accolade of performance on film.

It is beyond bewildering that Idris Elba in Beats of No Nation, Michael B. Jordan, or Will Smith in Concussions were not even at least nominated for an Oscar. No one is arguing that they should even win, however, their amazing performances speak volume and should not be overlooked. If we just examine numbers, in two weeks of streaming on Netflix, Beats of No Nation, the film was view by over 3 million IP addresses. An astounding amount of views that accounts for approximately 33.2 million in ticket sales.

Hollywood Thespians Protests the Oscars

In the past weeks, since the Academy  announced the nominees for the 2016 Academy Awards; many actors and actresses have voiced distasteful concern that all of the nominees were white, two years running. Jada Pinket Smith has been vehemently out outspoken about the Oscars lack of diversity in their nomination selection. Many critics, even myself agree that pacifist a tirade video was only in response to her husband failing to be nominated for his role in Concussion.  Several thespians have followed suit and decided to boycott the Oscars this year using the hashtag #OscarSOWhite.

This is certainly not the first time actors have protested the Oscars and let me tell you something they were all white. The first rejection of an Oscar win was from Geroge C. Scott in 1968 for his Best Supporting role in “The Hustler.” He then declined to the Best Actor win in 1971 as his role in the movie “Patton.” Scott famously said the Oscars were,”The whole thing is a goddamn meat parade. I don’t want any part of it.”A letter was written on his behalf to The Academy that he did not want to be in competition with other actors. What a humble and admirable man.

The other actor, who did not want to accept the award was Marlon Brando in his portrayal of Don Vito Corleone in the GodFather. Some say one of the greatest movies ever. He decided to not to accept the Oscar win for Best Actor in 1972–year after Scott declined to accept the same award–in an outright boycott of the Oscars because of the portrayal of Native Americans in films. Brando sends the Native American actress Sacheen Littlefeather attended the ceremony in his place. Throughout his career, Brando has been an outspoken activist of social justice.

The Hollywood Distraction Award Show

We have a problem in  America and the populace is being distracted by this “meat parade” as George C. Scott so eloquently articulated. It is lucidly obvious that a Black thespian between the years of 1963 and 2001 has never won an Oscar, a 38-year hiatus. Racism, I would agree, but why do the average Americans: Black, White, Asian, Latino care whether a bunch of rich elites did not get recognized by their peers with an award. Our economy is very unstable economists are not predicting a bright 2016; neocons are advocating for war with Iran and even Russia, and let us not divert our attention away from our political leaders at the local, state, and federal level, believe me, they laud distractions. A perfect time for them to implement their policies.

The Academy Awards is not our concern America we have little-invested ones’ personal achievement. If a certain spectrum of Hollywood feel that there is a lack of diversity in The Academy, change it or better yet create a platform that is fair and accepts in its nomination process. Where was this outrage in between the 38-year hiatus of zero wins and few nominations if any. Maybe there should be more Marlon Brandos and George C. Scotts in the industries and just say “Fuck it.”


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