Is Donald TRUMP Rhetoric Different from the GOP

Can  he really make America great again, or just more rhetoric.
Can he really make America great again, or just more rhetoric.

Those of you who have read my work before, know that I hold no allegiance to either political party. I am one who will never side with the lesser of two evils, just to appease my peers, family members, or community. For a political race, where both parties are evil in much of their policies. However, I find the 2016 Presidential candidates the most interesting selection running to control the Executive Branch. There is something these GOP Presidential debates that are beyond interesting and not just Donald Trump.

But this article is about Trump, isn’t it, so let us stop with the procrastination. Earlier this week, Alex Jones interviewed Donald Trump about his political platform. In all honesty, the interview single handily solidified why he is no different from the majority of candidates running for the Presidency with the exception of Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders. In regards to geopolitical issue and the military industrial complex.

The Most Militaristic

Trump stated that he is the most militaristic person there is and he will build the strongest military that this nation has ever seen and no one will ever attack us.

I comprehend the rationale for protecting and defending  America from outside invaders. However, this is not the message Trump in conveying to his audience. Anytime political figures state or introduce policies to strengthen the military, it ultimately means the expansive growth of the military. Trumps’militaristic ideology will have this Military Industrial Complex run amok under a Trump administration.

In the most militaristic  Trump administration, America should expect to always be at war with East Asia (Middle East). During the interview, he mentions that our exodus from Iraq was a mistake. We should have taken the oil and have our oil companies control the oil fields in the region. I hope I am not the only person, who realize there is a problem with his foreign policy. How different is Trumps’s foreign policy with Jeb Bush, Ben Carlson, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz or even Hillary Clinton, nothing they all love war, military occupation, and control of foreign lands?

Fails to address the Truth about ISIS

Of all the Presidential candidates, Rand Paul may be the only honest one to apprise the American people about the administration support of ISIS. During a GOP debate, Rand Paul specifies that the Obama administration needs to stop providing arms to ISIS. A widely known fact. The question is why has the rest of the GOP has not raised this imperative. Well, the  answer is simple, all others are an establishment Republican Party candidates, under the foreign policy hypnosis of John McCain and Lindsey Graham. If your controller is friends with ISIS and speaks with them every day, what standing do you have to speak the truth about the financing of ISIS?

mccain w: ISIS

We all should be familiar with the recent downing of the Russian fighter jet, by the Turkish military. The mainstream media has been reporting that the plane was shot down because it was flying over Turkish airspace. However, that is furthest from the truth, the Russian government counter argued the statement out of Turkey; apparently the fighter jet was in pursuit of attacking the militant group, ISIS over the Syrian airspace. Without an ounce of warning, the Turkish military shot down the fighter jet, which eventually took the life one.

Trump and the rest of the GOP candidates fail to discuss the issue of why Western countries are financially supporting ISIS. The truth lies in the question of why are EU and specifically Turkey are purchasing oil from ISIS. Yes, the same terrorist organization which claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Paris. The same organization that is nothing other than a PR rebranding of the other infamous terrorist organization Al Qaeda. It may be difficult to digest, but even former US ambassador Robert Ford did not have a problem declassifying probably classified information in a tweet to a reporter. So, are these candidates illustrating their ignorance, when they continue to placate this ridiculous narrative that this violent, vile militant organization, who are armed to the teeth have absolutely zero Westen financial support?

Is Trump Good for America

I don’t know! On some of his domestic policies, his campaign has introduced sounds like solutions that are rather interesting and intriguing for a non-establishment candidate–just really a man who has been wanting to enter in the Presidential race since the late 80s.

I recently read his comments he gave regarding Obama sending special operation troops to Iraq–another term probably coined by Ben Rhodes. During a presidential rally to Virginia, Trump said, “Frankly, I think the number is so small – if you’re going to do it, do it.” He continues to tell the crowd the administration should not announce when it is sending troops overseas. Oh, really so it is lucid of what to expect from a Trump administration. Probably sign more unconstitutional executive orders,  leading to war than Obama. Well on foreign policy issues, he is atrocious!



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