Happy New Year Everyone! 2015

Veracious Thoughts: In a few hours the world will be departing 2014 and entering the new year of 2015. In 2014, the stories and reports that have surfaced in the media has been interesting to read, write, and certainly critique because we live in a society where propaganda must questioned. This year there is certainly a multitude of of stories in which I failed to dwell into as a blogger.  I did myself and you, the readers a disservice by going through a hiatus foible to address a colossal of issues this year.

In preparing for 2015, many ponder about what their New Year’s resolution. In 2015, my New Year’s Resolution as a blogger, I will attempt to dedicate more of my time in Veracious Thoughts as much as possible. I don’t want to neglect Veracious Thoughts (my baby) or my readers to analyze a multitude of issue that effect or the freedoms and liberties by an invasive tyranny. One thing that I would encourage readers of Veracious Thoughts, would be to comment, I would love to read your suggestions. 

Feminism Controls the Narrative on Domestic Violence was the most popular post in 2014. Thank you for another great year, I can’t wait for this new year.

Happy New Years World!
Happy New Years World!

We encourage you to leave a comment. It is greatly appreciated, thank you once again.

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