The Killing of NYPD Offers will Fuel Police Brutality

The idiocracy of the American people, protesting the police brutality has completely reached insanity. It has gone from the legitimate protesting of police brutality (that I am an advocate fNYPD Killedor), to the advocation of murdering police officers, and actually acting on that advocation and murdering of police officers. And on Saturday December 20, 2014 that action has come to fruition, after a man killed two police officers in NYC.

Around 4pm eastern, reports surfaced that a gunman fatally shot and killed two NYPD police officers as they were sitting in their patrol car. Sources say that the gunman quickly fled the scene and was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound on the platform of a Brooklyn subway.

Reuters also states:

The officers were patrolling in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. NYPD Deputy Chief Kim Royster said it appeared the shots struck them in the upper body, the newspaper said.

The gunman opened fire on the officers from the patrol car’s passenger side and fled into a nearby subway station. The man then died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, the Times quoted Royster as saying.

A police spokesman could not confirm the newspaper account, but he said the officers had been taken to Brooklyn’s Woodhull Medical Center and said their conditions were unknown.

The spokesman identified the shooter as a 28-year-old man and said he had been taken to Brooklyn Hospital Center. A weapon has been recovered, he said.

New York police have come under intense pressure in recent weeks, with protests erupting after a grand jury declined to charge an officer involved in the chokehold death of an unarmed black man, Eric Garner.

It was not immediately known if the case played a role in the shootings.

Mike Isaac, a neighborhood resident, told CNN the area was a largely African American neighborhood and had been tense since the protests over Garner’s death. “The mood is pretty freaked out,” he said.

The grand jury’s decision this month on the officer involved in Garner’s death followed widespread protests over a grand jury decision last month not to indict a police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri.

The officers in both cases were white and the incidents put a spotlight on police treatment of minorities.

Subsequent, to the release of this story, people posted on Twitter, Facebook, and various other social media sites to express their feelings about the death of two officers. I’ll say that the majority of people were expressing their sympathy over this callous incident, which left the families of these two men without a father, husband, son, and brother for the Christmas holiday and the future. But of course it is difficult to avoid the ignorance of society, celebrating the death of these police officers by an asinine imbecile, fueled by propaganda. Many are labeling him as a martyr and hero.

The Daily Caller complied a list some of the many tweets that laud the killing of two officers:

Tweets 1 Tweets 2 Tweets 3

This irrational extol of the killing of police officers is utterly disgraceful for the failed grad jury indictment of Mike Brown and Eric Gardner cases. It is asinine to salute, honor, or even congratulate a lunatic, who wanted to become famous and infamous simultaneous. What these people fail to understand is that this civil war with civilians and the police will certainly exasperate the tactics that offers use making the American the enemy.

It makes no logical sense to attack the police, when your mission is to protest a system that is abusing its power, while violating the rights of others. All cops are not a part of the problem, however, it will me no due diligence to avoid mentioning that a percentage of power-trip fanatic officers serve the revenue generating state. Many of these cops have a killer first mentality, through the federal training that they have received. Now, I totally understand the frustration and see the revelation that the system is failing. However, the ideal way to reform this system is to have a dialogue with officers, who are a part of the system as much as possible. Apprise them that this country has been hi-jacked by global elites; parasites who use cops as pawns in the war against the American people.

Hours after the two officers were pronounced dead, an official of NYPD union called wartime on the police department. This will undoubtedly burgeon the police state, even though New York City is the most surveilled jurisdiction in the country. Protesters are just infuriating the situation, with their marching rhetoric, “What do we want?  DEAD COPS”


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