CNN is Dying, Respect the Dead?

The dead breed of media
The dead breed of media

The term “the dinosaur media” is much more a reality than many want us to believe. Bloggers and many alternative news sites have shifted and rotated to center stage, as credible media sources. Especially, when it comes to Generation Y and the advancement  of the internet. Earlier this week, the Chairman of Dish Network, Charlie Ergen released a statement that the satellite giant may be more selective in the channels they will offer their subscribers. This would mean saying  bye-bye to CNN and the rest of Turner Broadcasting’s channels. But is this really about the low ratings of CNN or a contractual dispute.

In 2004, Dish Network dropped Viacom, due to a contractual dispute with the media giant (owners of MTV, BET…and at the time owner of CBS). I remember this debacle very vividly because at that time my parents were Dish subscribers. I recalled Ergen trying to explain the reason for terminating their contract with Viacom. During this dispute, Dish pulled 16 of Viacom’s channels because the two companies could not agree on increase rates. The channels were eventually restored after several weeks of negotiation. Unlike the 2004 contract dispute, this current one with Turner Broadcasting seems to be in no position to negotiate new terms and satisfied with sacrificing CNN, TNT, TBS and more.

Ergen took shots at CNN, especially for their round to round, unprecedented coverage on the missing Malaysian Flight 370. During that incident, there was really no justification to spend hours and hours each day, with their delusion analysis of where the plane could be. He also mentions news CNN’s declining rating and lack prominence. There is some validity in criticizing CNN’s viewership, which has fallen into the 30 percentile in the past two years within the 25-54 age group. In just the second week of this year, the cable network pulled in a one-day total low of 78,000 viewers–beyond disgraceful. They have the worst rating among all their top competitors. CNN and all of the “corporate news media” are a part of a dying breed.

Dish Network may lose many more of their customers for blacking out CNN, especially during the mid-term election. But Ergen is not too concern with it because feels CNN “almost a non-event” in reference to the election. People are exposed to more options.

Want the truth go Alternative.
Want the truth go Alternative.

Alternative Media the News Source 

Ten and even twenty years ago it was essential that the telecommunication companies provide subscribers with the CNNs, the FOXs, the MSNBCs, and more. Over the past decades, viewers have noticed the media morph from being objective and into a bureaucracy for the government. The price of cable has increased by 188% since the mid-90s (1995); angering many  subscribers to eventually divert to other options.

The reason for the gauge spike in cable prices is America’s obsession for the biggest distraction, the love of sports. Last month the NBA sealed a long-awaited deal with ESPN and TNT worth $24 billion between 2016 through the 2024-2025 season. Dish Network may be in trouble. According to the Atlantic article, cable content is bundle package for live sports. It is understandable why Comcast attempted to acquire Disney (the owners of ESPN), ownership of Disney means you own the leader in sports and, of course, the largest media conglomerate in the world. I digress.

The internet are providing consumers with more alternatives  than ever before. Youtube allows people for one, to view video content with and without editing so that you can conduct your own analysis without hearing talking points from an “expert.” This platform enables you to upload video content to share with the world. One can expose when their civil rights are being violated, as well as recording their assessment on any and everything. Many alternative media outlets upload their content to Youtube as well.

Nearly everyone is on the internet, I believe Verizon said it best, “if you are  not on the internet (or don’t have a website) you are invisible. Alternative media platforms have created websites, providing news and analysis to their audience. Many of these sites have a growing audience because they tend to take a different approach–unlike the corporate media–and are veracious about the actions of the government, corporations, and health. People are tired of relying the CNNs, MSNBCs, and the Fox News of the day. These lap dog media outlets share the objective of the administration in power, just another government bureaucracy for either the Democrats or Republicans.  Never apprising the people of reality. The corporate media rather manipulate your judgement, so that you agree with them.

The alluring thing about the alternative media is that it is relatively free, however like a successful business it needs funding to thrive. The audience is always the best source of funding.

The Future of Telecommunication Companies  

Whether Dish Network decides to expel CNN and the rest of Turner Broadcasting channels, they will not be alone. It will eventually become a trend, where smaller cable and moderately larger cable companies will be as selective with the channels offered to customers. If it becomes a reoccurrence,  networks would be obliged to sell content directly to the consumers online. This will allow the consumer to be selective about what they  actually want, instead of being forced to purchase a bundle of channels/content that they will never watch.

Roku, Apple, Smart TVs, and other streaming devices seem to be evolving into the future of how we obtain our news and view content. Satellite and cable tv will eventually the distant past, like the VCR. Shifting away from cable is economically smarter and shifting to alternative media is thinking smarter.


CNN is irrelevant as many of those so-called trusted media sources, CNN is just the one that is getting the boot. The reality is that this network just another media outlet a part of a dead breed, struggling on life support. The alternative media is the mainstream media, they receive more traffic to their sites than most of the dying breed. I want visit and news site that provides me with information to stimulate my mind and allow me to think. We all can be a part of the alternative media by blogging and utilizing other platforms. The reason for creating Veracious Thoughts was to spread the message of liberty and freedom and libertarian core principles. We will continue to do all we can to provide just another alternative media source. As we suggest that all of our readers question our work as well as the work of any media source. That is what make you a critical thinker.


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