Is America an Exceptional Nation this Independence Day !?!


I am pretty sure most of you read, skimmed, or heard about Vladimir Putin’s Op-ed in the New York Times last year. Where the Times published the Russian President ‘s lecture to the American government (Obama specifically) on America’s exceptionalism. Not even an hour passed, before those mainstream talking heads sat on their soapbox to criticize the narcissistic president. I could hear people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity now, “I can’t believe the Communist president  is lecturing America on our exceptionalism.

Today, we are celebrating another Independence Day, the day our Founding Fathers decided to illustrate their brazenness and sign the Declaration of Independence (of course it was not ratified, until August 2nd). Most of the Americans are probably spending time with family and friends. Watching the bombs burst in the air while eating some Big Green Egg grilled food. But, does America still hold the award for being Exceptional? Unfortunately, I agree with Putin.

America was once an exceptional nation and quickly lost it when the meaning of our republic was deluded into a democracy, and then into a tyranny. This government created the terrorist group like ISIS, who invaded the democratically run Syria. And where is ISIS now, running amok in Iraq, a failing state, thanks to our fabulous foreign policy. We can’t honestly believe that our foreign policy is exceptional, when we support, create, and fund, terrorist organizations that kill Christians and other Muslims of different sects. Never knew that exceptional defines a nation that anoints leaders that fits their agenda, while abdicating the maladjusted type.

The truth that we not exceptional is clear as day. A year ago Edward Snowden released documents to several media outlets regarding the NSA’s abuse power violating our 4th amendment, spy on the American people. How about the IRS, Veteran’s Hospital scandal (which is far from a New Phenomenon, when you dwell into the book “Wages of War”), National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and even HR 357 . The many violations and abuse of power is endless, by our government (at all levels). Millions of passengers are traveling this holiday weekend and if flying is their means of  traveling they will be exposed to the TSA’s abuse of power. An insignificant agency that has never caught a single terrorist, but feels comfortable violating your right and even exposing you to a radiation machine. Many are submissive and just subservient state while very few are veracious. Even the FBI has admitted to catching terrorists, despite every single terrorist plot was orchestrated by the bureau. Special maybe!?

I love America, however, I am not old enough to know how exceptional this nation once was. History allows me to fill in the missing blanks, providing a portrait of the once exceptional republic. The tainting of our food and water and, of course, the suppressing of our educational system definitely affected the nation’s “exceptionalist” stance. Do you think America is exceptional and if not, what cause the decline?

Happy 4th of July! Be Safe.


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