Government Fuels Racism

human-rights2jpegThere is an interesting historical perspective of how government (federal, state, local) utilized its powers to perpetuate racism in this country. Even today, the government is utilizing racism to divide and conquer the nation. In this article/post, I would rather concentrate the attention on the United States rather than governments around the world because this would be more on the lines with a dissertation, rather than a blog post.

On July 4, 1776, this country’s founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, which was then ratified August 2nd, seceding from the rule of King George IV, freeing the people from monarch rule. The 1783 Treaty of Paris solidified the United States Independence from Great Britain. Through a revolution, the Western European Colonialist obtained their freedom and to ensure that the people of this new nation would never have their freedom infringed upon. The farmers drafted, signed, and ratified the United States Constitution. Despite the colonist acquiring their freedom, one of the most egregious practices are known to man still existed, slavery.  Slavery continued until the end of the end of the Civil War 1865–author Douglas A. Blackmon debates whether slavery progressed well into the middle of the 20th century in his book “Slavery by Another Name.”

The beginning of the Declaration of Independence, authored by Thomas Jefferson reads:

We the people hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. 

In this sentence, it entails some of the most important words mentioned in the entire documents. Because it shines a light on several areas. This document first establishes the creation of a new government and appraising the King of this new entity. These five words ” all men are created equal,” illustrates that all men other than slaves are created equal and then a few words letter its contradictory. Masters don’t create their own slaves, this is not a SIMS expansion package; Blacks like any other group of people is created by “Their Creator” with certain unalienable Rights. What our founding fathers did was to embrace and accept the racist culture of slavery, while violating the civil rights all men–human beings. It completely belies to insinuate that all men are created equal while continuing to infringe on the rights of Black slaves, White indentured servants and women.

Thomas Jefferson and many of the founding fathers were not brazen enough to even address the issue of slavery to the public because of the fear of retribution from another colonialist. They hoped that slavery would have ended by the next generation. As strong as these men were their greatest failure and weakness was the prolonging of slavery. Now, I know that George Washington freed his slaves after his death, assuming that may have been a motivator for society follow in his footsteps.

While slavery flourished throughout the end of the 18th century and into the 19th century, it was also becoming less and less popular among American citizens. Governments continued to fuel the racist culture–and no, every white person was not racist or slave owners–with the use of laws. For example, in 1838 Alabama passed legislation, making it illegal to teach mulattos, Indians, or indentured servants.

  • Alabama, 1833, section 31 – “Any person or persons who attempt to teach any free person of color, or slave, to spell, read, or write, shall, upon conviction thereof by indictment, be fined in a sum not less than two hundred and fifty dollars, nor more than five hundred dollars.”
  • Alabama, 1833, section 32 – “Any free person of color who shall write for any slave a pass or free paper, on conviction thereof, shall receive for every such offense, thirty-nine lashes on the bare back, and leave the state of Alabama within thirty days thereafter…”
  • Alabama, 1833, section 33 – “Any slave who shall write for any other slave, any pass or free-paper, upon conviction, shall receive, on his or her back, one hundred lashes for the first offence, and seven hundred lashes for every offence thereafter…”

Slavery was becoming less and less viable as new forms of technologies began to emerge for production, leaving the Southern form of manufacturing cotton archaic. By the beginning of the Civil War, slavery was pretty much on its way out, according to many scholars. Some historians and economist predict that slavery would have lasted no longer than the 1920s. Honestly, who the fuck would want to be in bondage for another 60 years. It is extremely difficult to convert a culture peacefully out of their institutionalize racism. There would have certainly been a revolution without the casualties of war well before the beginning of the 20th century.

{People exhibit bigotries and prejudices regardless of their color of their skin, types of person they find attractive, just to name a few; a prime example is India and the racist caste system. But I digress, those bigotries and prejudices will only become racist is when it develops power and the only way something develops power is through with the presence of authority, authority by force. Ponder this for a second, I have a daughter, who is black who wants to get married to her secret lover, who is white. I’m opposed to the marriage due to my bigotries. The state decides to enact a law making it illegal for interracial couples to wed. It is obvious that the previous state fails to protect the rights of my daughter and her fiancé. A government incites power to the superior class’ bigotries and prejudices and labels it acceptable.

There were evidently two groups of slave masters during slavery: the masters who enjoyed the suffrage of individuals in bondage and considered those individuals property. The second type of slave master is conscious of the egregious practice of slavery, sympathetic, love his slaves and respect his slaves, but because of the culture that he resides he feels obliged to violates the rights those individuals in bondage.

In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which was an executive order that freed the slaves from bondage. The little known historical fact is that Lincoln never freed the slaves in territories where he was authority to free slaves, in southern states not the border state where he had authority over. Two years later, America’s bloodiest war ended, but the state and local government continued to perpetuate industrialized racism with Jim Crow Law between 1876-1965.

The Jim Crow laws allowed the former Confederacy to enact legislation mandating racial segregation in public and private facilities. Thejimcrowprotest doctrine used in reference to Jim Crow was “separate but equal” for Blacks in the South. This is a complete violation of the constitution, especially for a group of people who were finally able to obtain their civil rights. The private sector may set standards and regulations in regards to the people they allow to occupy their facilities, but it is completely criminal and unconstitutional to separate groups of people from occupying public facilities that is maintained for public use. That is why the Supreme Court ruled in 1956 to overturn Plessy v. Ferguson decision, which ultimately overturned Brown v. Board of Education, recognizing that “separate,” was rarely, if ever equal” becoming the foundation that ended Jim Crow.

How did this happen? It is quite simple, as mentioned earlier, bigotry will never tarnish. What may have happened was that there were two types of white bigots who emerged from the Reconstruction period: the white southern farmers who were less concerned about the progression of slavery and more about states rights. The second was white bigots rich investors, who profited from slavery and the demise of slavery impeded their investments. The white southern farmers noticed the destruction of their land caused by those Yankees on behalf of freeing the slaves. Many Whites in the South were in poverty and even illiterate like free Blacks. They probably were intimidated and envious of blacks progressing, becoming sharecroppers and even owning land. White investors became so infatuated with slavery that once the egregious practice ended the birth of the American Eugenics movement was created, by Francis Galton.

The Eugenics movement created a pseudo scientific discipline, used as lobbying arm in states and local governments all across the country demonizing and controlling the rights of Blacks. No protection from government for the Rights of Blacks.

Ok, how is government perpetuating racism today in this country today? Well today the government, especially the Feds are using divide and conquer to divide the nation on race. The government and when I mean government it’s referring to the global elites use the mainstream media as another bureaucracy. In the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martain case, the media marveled over the fact that Zimmerman’s father is White and hesitant on referring to him as a White Hispanic–what the fuck is that. But the reality is that his father is Jewish. We all know, how proud Jews are about their heritage. It is more of a storyline to report, “White Man kills Black Child” than “Teen Killed by Hispanic Man,”America loves emotional gravitating stories. Imagine George Zimmerman was being lauded for his achievements, you better believe that the media would concentrate on his Hispanic background than anything else. Oh, let’s not forget that the Feds fueled the racial distress by funding protests in Florida.  Race is used as a distraction to have people deviate away from the collapsing economies and proxy wars started by a group called Al Qaeda created by the CIA, and the exponential eradication of the Bill of Rights.

********* We the people hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers wrote these words and risked their lives over these words, but failed at ending institutional racism through slavery, on behalf of these words. Scholars say that racism is a systematic form of oppression and honestly, it is hard to disagree. However, the question that needs to be asked is where does this systematic oppression come from? An authorized institution e.g., government that provides the superior class the power to oppress. A race or group can avoid oppression as long as the government is protecting their human rights.

America has a disturbing history, the only thing we can do is learn from that history and make sure it is never repeated. We should also know that governments love diversions and distractions to carry out their agenda.  Question government and any authority that provides a race or group(s) power to act maliciously on their own bigotries and prejudices. When this happens, it is lucid that your government is more racist than the race being fueled power.


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