No Rights for Slaves, like Adam Kokesh

On July 4th, Independence Day, the day many Americans dust off their generation old hammock, fire up that grill that haven’t been used since last July 4th, watching the gleaming fireworks lighting up the dark skies. It is also a day when many Americans, even forget the reason for the 4th of July, just another non-work day that can be marked off their calendars. Some marched on their capital to protect the 2nd amendment while others honored the day this country succeeded from the tyrannical power England in 1776; Adam Kokesh took a more admirable, brazen approach. The morning of July 4th, 2013, Kokesh posted a video of  himself loading a shotgun in the in the middle of Freedom Plaza in the District of Criminals–oh excuse me the District of Columbia.

It was obvious that once Kokesh released this video, it would receive an abundance amount of media traction. The loading a shotgun in Washington DC would instinctively become a legal issue. The first thing that CNN and other lapdog media outlets did was to accuse Adam Kokesh of breaking the law–a statue–completely bypassing the  fact DC is gratuitously violating the U.S. Constitution. The authorities protecting this metropolitan town of criminal are constantly ignoring the 2008 Supreme Court ruling that also affirmed the Court of Appeals in D.C. Circuit in the Heller v. District of Columbia. The two courts ruled that the second amendment protects an individual’s right to keep and bear arms and the Firearm Control Regulation Act is unconstitutional.

On July 9th, Adam Kokesh was interviewed on Alex Jones Show as well as on the Infowars Nightly News regarding his video and revolting against DC unconstitutional law.

Subsequent to his interview on the Infowars Nightly News his home was raided by a federal SWAT team and  charged with the possession of mushrooms. Kokesh producers and team of Adam vs Man issued a press release, “Numerous police vehicles, including a light-armored vehicle and two low-flying helicopters barricaded Adam’s street. More than 20 armored SWAT team members surrounded the house, as well as a number of detectives, and plainclothes officers. Assault rifles were aimed anyone occupying the residence, as they were handcuffed without being told why they were detained. Masked and armored police in full “Storm Trooper” gear flooded in and ransacked the residence. The team was cordoned in a front room while Adam was pulled aside for questioning.

Raid on Kokesh


Is it truly unnecessary, to barricade an entire block to apprehending one individual, who has never illustrated an ounce violence toward law enforcement. The police were certainly on a power trip that they were obliged to have 20 armored SWAT team members present. Numerous police vehicles and two helicopters, who the fuck were they arresting Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Let me guess, if Adam wasn’t home they would have violated all of his neighbors’ constitutional rights and ordered a search of their homes. This completely nonsensical, you raid the man’s home and only charge for the procession of mushrooms–that were probably planted on him!?! Logically, it does not make sense when the main reason that the Feds were pursuing Kokesh because of his audacious video.


5 thoughts on “No Rights for Slaves, like Adam Kokesh

      1. Absolute bullshit really. Adam has made no open threats to anyone I know of. Really two helicopters and all those people. Hell if they had just knocked on the door Adam would a went without a issue, well after clowning on them for a minute or two. But over-kill for a reason and I feel it is to send a message. But all it has done is reaffirmed what some of us have known all along. No resistant leaders will be safe from this day on at all.

      2. I totally agree! I sometimes I am fearful of anyone who willing to speak out. But then again we have to stand together because resistance is the only tool to defeat this tyrannical government and globalist alike.

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