Fallacies, Are they Apart of the War Games

SyriaMany of us should remember, February 5, 2003, when Colin Powell, then the Secretary of State concocted one the biggest lies in history. A former four-star Army General, Presidential candidate, and one of the most powerful men in the Bush administration sat in front of the United Nation Security Council to tell the world that Saddam Hussein was hoarding weapons of mass destruction. These talking points lead to the invasion of Iraq, a nation that had absolutely no involvement with the very suspicious terrorist attack of 9/11. The ironic thing about Powell’s presentation was that this same character opposed the overthrow of the dictator when he was the four-star general–I told you about–during the Gulf War in the 90s.

There is ample evidence that the Bush Administration fabricated, lied, or whatever euphemism  you feel comfortable using, to explain the justification to deploy tens of thousands of troops to Iraq. The occupation eventually killed 1 million Iraqis. Oh yeah, this is a 2008 figure, so that number is, unfortunately, higher because our presence is still there.

We are now about five years into the Obama administration–second term–and we are seeing deja vu all over again. However, this time it is a little different and more clever. For the past several months, the West have been in inciting this notion that Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad has utilized chemical weapons on his own people, but that is the farthest from the truth. Syria does certainly have the largest consumption of chemical weapons in the world, but the only regime that has been using the chemical weapons is the Al Qaeda controlled Free Syria Army (the rebel). The same rebel group that was prosperous in the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya.

This Al Qaeda group, in Syria, has committed some of the most heinous atrocities that the mainstream, lapdog media is a willing shield from the American people, just to go to war with Syria. Just to name a few, the Free Syria Army has slaughtered Christians, in a region that has one of the oldest Christian populations in the world. There is also a video that went viral on the Internet of an Al Qaeda member reaching in the chest cavity of a dead victim, pulling out his heart and eating it. It has become uncanny that this administration is willing to support these devilish rebels, but then again it is not because we supported them in Libya and even created them.

So, I bet you are wondering, what hell am I talking about regarding deja vu. Well, if you have not heard of Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communication you will today. Rhodes obtained a Master in Creative Writing from New York University and is now writing, talking points convincing enough to seek approval to support Al Qaeda rebels in Syria. This administration has hired a fictional writing expert, with no governmental background, better yet, no foreign policy background to make diplomatic strategies.

Rhodes is also the brilliant author behind the creative phrase “kinetic military action” in Libya, which eventually ousted Gaddafi. He has been working for Obama as a speechwriter since 2007. Rhodes and the Obama administration are consciously aware that the rebel in Syria are a branch of Al Qaeda, but would rather continue to dupe the American people in supporting terrorists. They are using lies to induce support for the war but have absolutely no confidence to put their careers on the line and concoct a similar fabrication in the same fashion as Collin Powell.

We demonize Powell, for lying to the faces of the American people and the world. Is there a difference, when you have a fictional scene play writer, writing fucking policies and creating assertions that Assad is using chemical weapons against his own people, which has been even denounced by the Russians. The U.S. government is not being nominated for an Oscar or a Tony, we are supporting terrorism, but then again we are fighting a war on terror; a huge contradiction, you should be the judge.

Syria is an ally of Iran and if the Iranian government decide to support their ally militarily to eradicate the Al Qaeda rebels, who are supported by John McCain and the U.S. There may be a possibility that  the world’s third world war could be sitting on the horizon. I know some of my gullible readers will say, “the U.S. is only providing arms, not military support” well if that is true why is their an emergence of 900 troops in Jordan. And if you remember we utilized the same strategy in Libya. Let us hope that WWIII never happens!


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