Terrorism Drill in Philly Subways

In the wake of the Boston Marathon Bombing attack, which occurred exactly one month ago. Cities across the country have been preparing officers and other security personnel to prevent any potential terrorist attacks. Just a few hours a ago, we at Veracious Thoughts came an across a Philly.com article by Brian X. McCorne where the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) released a press release earlier this week that a terrorism drill will be tested on passengers on May 19th, 2013 (Sunday).

SEPTA DrillSEPTA and the city first responders and emergency management  officials, Philadelphia’s version of FEMA have decided to create a  stimulation explosion drill at the Fairmont station in Philadelphia. The two institutions’ motive is to identify the response of travelers who utilizes the subway system. SEPTA’s press release has also admitted that the passenger involved in the drill will consist of volunteers and is expected to last an hour.

What is very troubling about this article is that McCorne begins by telling his readers to “Relax, SEPTA subway riders, it will only be a drill.” Oh, because it is a drill citizens should have no concerns, which is asinine. Why should any one just be complacent, when the both the city and state will implement a simulated terrorist attack with the use of crisis actors? We should be concerned, because many investigative reporters have realized that government agencies conduct drill, which ultimately results in false flag terrorist attacks. Boston Marathon is a recent prime example, witnesses and marathon runners have even admitted that Boston Police apprised them  about a drill being conducted.

We don’t want to jump on the possibility of this drill ending up being a false flag, but it is essential not to just Relax and ignore the fears that a false flag may be utilized, in the City of Brotherly Love. Calling out government is imperative in these types of situations, in preventing malicious actions by government as an everlasting strategy to occlude the people of their civil liberties. McCorone is right one thing we should not jump to conclusion, but we should keep our eye open, stay vigilant, so we can all be veracious to expose the official story if needed


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