The NRA May have Raised the Bar

Colion NoirAs a gun owner who have gradually evolved into a gun enthusiast and taking the time to expose me to the culture of guns. I have never been one, who was willing to associate myself with the NRA. Yeah, I know it is America’s biggest gun rights lobbyist on Capitol Hill. To me, the NRA has always been an organization whose members are old white veterans and their wives, oh and let us not neglect the rural rednecks–no offense–who loves to carry a Remington in their pick-up; sounds too much like the republican party, if you ask me. So, when I heard that Mr. Colion Noir would be joining the NRANews, as a commentator–I guess that solidifies my ignorance–I was in the state of bewilderment, but also extremely excited. Because I have been heard a lot about Mr. Colin Noir’s commentary for the last 4-months and aware of his charismatic, creative dialog, he has for gun rights. The NRA is also exposing a lethal weapon, by using a black face on the side of gun rights.

Who is Mr. Colion Noir, well there is very little information detailing Noir’s bio, but from viewing his videos, I have conclude that he is a young black male who resides in Huston, Texas, who also attends law school. He has over 84,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. Since 2011, he has uploaded a wide range of videos, from tactical training to gun reviews, but no one can deny his commentary gift regarding gun rights, not even the NRA. Noir tackles issues like gun control and uses the simplest logic that even makes Alan Dershowitz looks like an imbecile.

Some people would probably agree that the NRA is not our grandfathers or even great grandfathers NRA, but no one can argue that the organization has been reluctant to make strides in recruiting people of color. This is not a race issue and I refuse to incite that type of rhetoric into this post; we cannot blame the NRA of today for the actions of their precursors. American premier gun rights organizations have supported gun control laws in the past that impeded on the rights of the Blacks community. A prime example is the Gun Control Act of 1968, sponsored by Senator Thomas J. Dodd, but what it is left out of our history books is that Dodd adopted the Gun Control Act of our WWII adversary. Since the 1968 act, the NRA has made an efforts to digress away from compromising on gun control.

I am in love with the NRA’s motive to use Colion Noir, as a means of grasping the attentions of young people. Especially of those of color that gun control is an infringement of their constitutional rights. The NRA means well but is faced with a dilemma, young people, do not watch NRANews. The NRA loyalist attends the conventions and other NRA conferences. The inner-city shield needs to be shattered for the NRA to impact Blacks, Latinos, and other groups. For the NRA to vibrate as a household acronym, they should establish a young adult shooting program. However, these programs should provide these teens with an understanding of the law, as well.

In urban communities, there is a gross population of law bidding gun owners, but every gun owner are not financially able to enroll into firearm training courses. This would an ideal approach, to provide training to low-income individuals and work alongside locally established gun organizations. I have always been an advocate of women using a firearms to protect themselves, from a menacing situation, e.g., domestic violence or rape. It would not hinder the NRA to provide funding to train women, who were victims/survivors of such a heinous act. I would encourage the NRA and other gun-rights organization to work with domestic violence agencies to obtain support, but from my experience many of them non-violent agencies.


The NRA one of the nation’s most powerful lobbying groups on Capitol Hill, for sure when it comes to firearms; has teamed up with Mr. Colion Noir a YouTube sensation that has been viewed by millions. It is important to introduce someone different into the dialog about gun control, someone, that will make the “demand a plan” folks quiver in fear and then resort to demonization of a person’s character.  There needs to be someone who can convince those who are indecisive about gun control jump the fence and articulate to them that the 2nd amendment is no less important than the other nine. Is Colin Noir the right man for the job, I don’t know, but it is the right step in the right direction.


3 thoughts on “The NRA May have Raised the Bar

  1. Maybe we need a law that gives taxes breaks to poor people so they can afford to own a firearm for self-defense? Maybe the fees should be waved for low economic groups to get a concealed carry license? Maybe today’s NRA is the one we had a couple generations ago, but it – and we – are facing far greater threats to our freedom today. We need more black men and women in the NRA, but it is not because they are not welcome that they are not there.


    1. Very interesting suggestion. The only problem that I have with the government providing tax breaks for gun purchases is that it would eventually place many American citizens into a federal registry for firearm ownership. Today we have a government that is constantly demonizing gun owners and we should not position these law bidding citizens of being accessible to a possible gun a gun confiscation. I agree, more black men and women should join the NRA or other gun rights group — GOA; it would bring more unity among races, while suppressing division.

  2. Simple comment. If you would proof read your blog and correct your grammar errors and word omissions (the mind seems to be faster than your fingers) it would read much better and be easier to follow and understand.

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