2nd Round Knockout: Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan

Veracious Thoughts: If you haven’t tuned in to the CNN’s Piers Morgan show last night, maybe you should have because it was surely  exciting exchange of dialogue, between Alex Jones and Morgan. It has been  exasperating to observe in the past weeks to tune in to government controlled networks, and watch host like Piers Morgan demonize the 2nd amendment, while using the same decade long talking-points about gun control. Jones dominated the interview like he should have with anger and frustration, why because Morgan have the tendency to belittle all of his guest who are pro-2nd amendment, i.e., Larry Pratt. Jones addressed a multitude of issues and statistics, i.e., democide, FBI crimes rates, essential for defending the 2nd amendment. Alex targeting Piers needs to be laud, not demonizing for his aggressive tirade; he is trying to enter the mind of those who needs be awaken from this paradox. 

Watch Interview:


2 thoughts on “2nd Round Knockout: Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan

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