The Brutal Killing of the Innocent

Imagine you are a first grader waking up on a Friday morning, anxious to attend class before the weekend. All you can think about is that Christmas is 11 days away. You run down the stairs after your mother calls you for breakfast. Daddy kisses you on the top of your head and says, “good morning” as he grabs his coffee and newspaper. Before your mom drops you off for school, you kneel down and look under the tree to see if mommy and daddy left any new gifts. Mom drops you off in front of the school, hugging and kissing you telling you. She tells you how much she loves you and reminds you that she will pick you up early, not realizing that this the last second, last moment she will ever see her child alive.

You walk into your classroom, greeting your teacher and some of your friends. An hour later, you hear people screaming and yelling in the hallways and over the intercom, you then hear something that sounds like firecrackers. You and many of  your classmates began to cry in fear, apprehensive of what is going on. You hear more of those firecracker sounds coming toward your classroom. Your teacher attempts to inform the entire class to calm down and assures them that everything will be alright. It was easy to that she was lying. She tells the class to go into the closet, but it was too late.

Two men then enter your classroom shooting your teacher and then opening fire on the rest class. One gunman then points a big gun at you, with fear in his eyes as he pulls the trigger and shoots you in the chest several times. You fall to the ground, only hearing the cries of your other classmates, fighting for their lives, crying for their mommies as they soak in a puddle of blood. You fight and fight to stay alive, but as the lord calls you home. You think how much you will miss mommy and daddy.

Young children wait outside Sandy Hook Elementary School after a shooting in Newtown

Listen, I don’t know what actually happened during the heinous, malicious Sandy Hook School massacre. The reports are too early to make any judgment calls. Has the mass shootings in the past involved a gunman, who was prescribed Prozac or other psychotropic drug, of occurs. Has there been shooting or some other events throughout history involving the government staging these events to infringe on citizens rights and freedoms, of course. Now let us look at the life of a child residing in Pakistan.

Imagine you are 7-year-old Pakistani boy, waking the morning of Hari Raya Haji, a holiday and celebration of prayers, exchanging of gifts and wearing new clothing. Your father gives a new Thawb to wear to the mosque for afternoon prayer. You walk on the side of the road with your mother, father and baby sister (11-month-old). The mosque is about a quarter of a mile from your  home. You look at the sky as you notice American planes and helicopter flying directly above your head. You silently pray to Allah, pleading that he protects your family from being killed today, like that of your friend, who was killed a week ago.
You and your family finally arrive at the mosque safely, greeted by the Iman at the entrance. You kneel with your father and began to pray to Allah. Some type of aircraft (predator drone) fly above the mosque, everyone is frightened, some continue to pray harder. Your father holds and hugs you tighter and tiger telling you that he loves you. You and your father find your mother and sister. A  bomb hits, striking one side of the mosque. You see debris, bodies scattered all over the place. People are  screaming and crying, babies standing alone. Another bomb strikes the mosque, killing your father instantly, as he held your hand. You cry uncontrollably, you turn your head in search of the rest of your family and to survey the damage, but  you see no one. You then notice a body is laying on the ground on top of some debris that look a lot like your 11-month old sister.
You can hear nothing, a man runs to help you, but you can’t hear him; you look to the right and notice that your arm has been blown off. You cry more and more. You later die in the hospital with a missing arm and a disfigured face. The death toll was 98 civilians in a search of killing an Al Qaeda member who wasn’t even present.
drone killing 1
Even though this story probably never occurred incidents like this happen all the time in the Middle East. The Obama administration approves the use of drone strikes killing 200 civilians in search for one or two militants. This is so far past injustice that it is disheartening. To see the President of the United States claim that he sympathizes with the families of the 20 dead children in Newton, Conn. is laughable, especially when he does not have any problem killing hundreds of innocent men, women, and children with his drone program.
As Rahm Emmanuel once said, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” You better believe that governments throughout history have used a crisis to infringe on the rights of the people, whether it is manufactured or not. These children’s deaths will be used to nudge through policy. In an attempt to convince the public needs to enact stricter regulations on guns, to  prevent more children from ending up in a massacre. I know there are some who are not advocates of the 2nd amendment, but remember that if you allow a government to take away some of your rights they will feel empowered to take away all of your rights.
Americans seem to mourn over the death of children when it happen in their backyard and pressure their government to act.  However, fails speak out when the government they pressure for support, bombs countries killing hundreds of children.  Our moral compass for humanity is slowly deteriorating. We must remember the globalists are misanthrope, they can care two shits about killing children as long as they know they can control the masses.

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