Lobbyist Encouraging False Flag Attacks to Wage WWIII (Iran)

Earlier this week, VeraciousThought observed a video that aired live on CSPAN. The excerpts showed Patrick Calow, a former economist for the World Bank and the IMF — two most pernicious financial cartels to exist — now an Israel lobbyist. He stepped up to the podium with this blatant arrogance; Calow began articulating to the crowd that he frankly doesn’t envision the President able to wage war with Iran. This asshole begins to list the historical events that leads our nation into war. One of the events the government had prior knowledge, while the other was a flat out staged event. Calow mentions Pearl Harbor resulting in FDR going into WWII. This is true, all the mainline history books regurgitate, but President Roosevelt also had prior knowledge that the Japanese was going to attack Peal Harbor. The US Navy intercepted Admiral Yamamoto radio regarding the Pearl Harbor attack. Once the information was discovered nothing was done, leaving defenseless soldiers to be killed. Some may not believe it, but FOIA  tell a different story.

He mentions that Lusitania was the reason Wilson took us to war into the first world war.

Patrick then mentions, how the nation would not have waged war with North Vietnam if it were not for the Gulf of Tonkin episode. If you know the true story of the Gulf of Tonkin, it would reveal that it was a stage event to wage war with the North Vietnamese. In the supposed second attack by the NV, which eventually resulted in the Vietnam war never occurred. The Defense Secretary, Robert McNamara admitted that the attack didn’t happen.

Calow is an arrogant son of a bitch, suggesting that America stage a false flag attack, he audacious says “Sometime Iranian submarines periodically go down, one day they may not come up. Who would know, why.” You then can hear laughter from the crowd, like war is a joke. These elites don’t understand or may maybe they do that a war with Iran WILL result in WWIII. There will be casualties in the in the millions. These people are playing with our lives.

If Americans are still apprehensive about the government staging false flag, well maybe you should read Gary Hart’s open letter to Ahamadinejad.

Watch the Video for yourself:


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