Supreme Court: Tax American Citizens is Constitutional and Give Taxes to Banks

Anger and frustration over the Supreme Court ruling.

The anticipation of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act–referred to some as ObamaCare–has been eating at the flesh of most of Americans for months. After waiting for these nine justices to make a conscientious and logical decision based on the Constitution. So, on the morning of Thursday 28th, 2012 the Supreme Court ruled 5-4, upholding the Obama’s healthcare legislation. Chief Justice Roberts was the deciding factor in the court’s decision.

There are reports floating in the media, indicating that the conservative Justice changed his decisions weeks and even a month before the court was scheduled to deliver their ruling to the public. A contributor from Forbes writes that back in May, Roberts was under a tremendous amount of pressure from a variety of circles coercing him to sway his vote to uphold the ACA. There were also claims that the Obama Administration threatened Roberts and the rest of the court that if his legislation is ruled unconstitutional, Obama would delegitimize the court. The trepidation got the best of Roberts and he cravenly followed behind Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, while desecrating on the Constitution.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the circle that pressured Roberts into changing his decision on the ACA was lead by the Health Insurance industry and the Big Banks, who will surely profit in the trillions from this new “healthcare reform law.” These gangsters may have approached Roberts and said, “you better not fuck this up for us because there are trillions on the line, so do as you are told and vote like Kagan.”

Liberals and Progressives are lauding over the Supreme Court upholding this unconstitutional piece of legislation–I’ll explain later what why it is unconstitutional. The problem is that very few are even analyzing the constitutionality of this legislation or even examining what is actually in it. Maybe people just don’t care? Some assume that ObamaCare is a Socialize Healthcare, modeling after Canada and most of Europe. But in actuality, it’s NOT!

The legislation that we have signed up for being  nothing more or nothing less than a Fascist Healthcare System, written by health

Government tax healthcare and funnel money through IRS to the Big Bank

insurance companies and banks that own them. Unfamiliar with this type of healthcare reform? Well it is simple, when your traitorous, occupied government forces their citizens to purchase health insurance from egregious corporations and then are taxed exorbitantly, if they refuse to buy health insurance or if they just can’t afford it. Of course, the tax will be collected by the IRS and funneled to foreign banks that own those companies. Isn’t it great!?!The Supreme Court’s decision basically undermines the constitution and what this country was basically founded on, a free society.  In a free society, citizens have options, the option to opt out of a program enforced by the government. Ideally, a free society allows inhabitants to make their own choice without being reprimanded. So, I wonder are we even free?

The lapdog media are ridiculing politicians like Ron and Rand Paul for insinuating that the Supreme Court’s ruling is unconstitutional. Liberals should think about something for a second, recently Obama signed into law with the help of a bipartisan vote to enact “The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011.”  The law states that it’s a federal crime to protest in the building or grounds of where the President or anyone protected by the Secret Service may be visiting or occupying. Now, if our precious SupremeCourt ruled that this law is constitutional. Could you honestly agree with the court’s decision?

Hell No! Shit, anyone can make a law; it does not make it right. Hitler passed laws all the time infringing on the German citizens’ rights, freedom, and committed democide – look at the Nuremberg Laws. So, I refuse to accept this foolish excuse. There is certainly nothing wrong with questioning the constitutionality of the law.

I spoke with a healthcare provider working at one of the major hospitals in the Philadelphia area, who was a bit uncertain and iffy about the healthcare law in general. He mentioned that it might seem like the reform is a change in the right direction, but in actuality it is not. It restricts certain procedures that could be effective for treatments. This healthcare provider agreed that under the law that the sensitive population e.g. elderly will be denied major surgeries and procedures–is what’s very common under socialized medicine. Our conversation diverted to discussing healthcare systems around the world, explaining the horrors the citizens of these countries faces, some of them didn’t even have a socialized system.

I have previously written, extensively about a certain provision in this fascist piece of legislation, which mandates American citizens to have an implantable RFID chip inserted into their bodies. Read section 2521 of ACA if you are concerned. The provision states, that the Secretary of Health will implement a medical registry, which will store the medical records of all of the Americans. The only ways that the government would be able to extract medical records is through a microchip implanted into your body. So, are you still, a willing participant?

We have heard time and time again, by this administration apprising the American people that children will not be denied coverage if they are diagnosed with a pre-existing condition. The truth of the matter is that children with pre-existing conditions can be legally be turned down, if they are currently without insurance. Very misleading and deceptive, right? This coming straight out of the horses’ mouth, Karen Lightfoot, spokeswomen from the White House Energy Commerce Committee, one of the main panels that wrote the bill into law.

The AP reported the same thing that hours after the Obama signed the bill with his 20 pens, it was discovered that the insurance companies would be allowed to deny new coverage to children with pre-existing medical conditions. It seems that whether you tell some people they just refuse to believe it.

Let’s not continue to deceive ourselves, since 1913 to this day, miscreants like the Rockefellers and many other globalist foundations have been funding medical institutions like the John Hopkins University that focus primarily on conventional medicine, while leaving homeopath colleges in the shadow and eventually forcing them into their own demise. Very few people are familiar with the Flexner Report, published by the Carnegie Foundation and supported by the AMA. The sole purpose of the repot was to standardize conventional medical education. Flexner rated all medical school in the U.S. and of the homeopath, black and all women’s institutions received the lowest of the rankings. It’s surely not difficult to decipher the results of those institutions that receive a low rank; they were forced to close their doors.

Society has been conditioned to take rankings so seriously, by these globalist foundations that have their own agenda. Since the beginning of the 20th century there has always been a war on homeopath medicine, convincing patients and inspiring doctors that there is only one standard. We have been hoodwinked to accept lies, without questioning.


The people have lost the war in the healthcare debate, whether you are in support of the Supreme Court’s decision or against it. We need to take a totally different approach by taking over our own health and stop relying on prescription pills. Just because the health insurance companies think they have enthralled us, just because the government thinks they have enthralled us, just because these globalist think they can continue with their agenda, doesn’t mean we should be toady.

We can argue all day about whether the Supreme Court’s ruling is unconstitutional, whether Elena Kagan should not have even ruled in this case, despite help writing the bill as Solicitor General. The problem faced with this law is that it’s a war on 50 million working and poor class Americans without healthcare. Our objective should be to distance ourselves from organizations like the AMA, conventional medicine, health insurance providers, and our MDs and start exploring natural remedies to enhance our lives.


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