Drones Are Coming to a Town Near You

The National Bird, the Predator Drone.
The new National Bird, the Predator Drone.

The Obama Administration has seemed to perfect the use of unmanned drones for targeted killing of “Al Qaeda” militants–a CIA and MI6 creation. This precious administration would have you to believe that the targeted killing of militants in the Middle East is precise and there have very few causalities. Well, they’re right in the world of propaganda fallacies, the killing of 391-780 civilians between 2004-2011 it also has been reported that 175 children were also murdered must not be that big of a deal, right? In a public address to the American people, Obama maliciously lied about drone use activity. Can Obama perfect drone use over American soil?

Now that the wars in the Middle East are beginning to scale back due to low morale–but don’t get too excited we still have a heavy mercenary troop presence corroding the region, with neocolonial–drones are invading and are pervasively hovering over our domestic skies.  There are reports festering that agencies from the EPA to local police departments are purchasing unmanned drones for surveillance use. Some departments are even considering weaponizing these unmanned aircrafts.

Earlier this year the Congress, along with the FAA–and it would be surprising if the Pentagon had some influence in pervading unmanned drone over U.S. soil–has approved licenses and the usage of 30,000 unmanned drones floating over our airways. The government’s tenuous reasoning is that “it’s for the safety of the public.” When government uses this type of rhetoric it’s usually pernicious rather fathom. These spy drones are a clear violation of our civil liberties e.g. 4th amendment. Liberty watchdog groups, like the ACLU, have come out numerous of time publicly opposing the illegal surveillance of drones.

Earlier this month, a  Midwest farmers angrily exposed Lisa Jackson’s EPA use of spy drones that were monitoring farmers’ land; of course, the agency quickly denied all claims. And what does our careless lapdog, lap dance, discredited media do? Oh, nothing just debunks farmers’ reports as well as alternative media and the blogosphere, without doing at least minuscule of research.

Infowars.com discovered the EPA’s deceptiveness regarding their use of drones; Alex Jones linked to the agency’s websites where it illustrates the EPA develops UAVs for monitoring purposes. This research project that the EPA is entitled, Landscape Characterization and Change Detection Methods Development Research. The project discusses how the EPA will collaborate with the DOD (Department of Defense) NASA, as well as the private sector  in developing an unmanned aerial vehicle–just the technical approbation for unmanned drone–for monitoring measurements of the ecosystem. This project was projected to have been completed September of 2009. It’s pretty lucent that based on the information replayed in the EPA’s own document, they lied; the EPA’s inclination is to use the UAVs as a means of surveillance over farms and other places across the country.

Over the past decades, this Orwellian police state has been festering out of control and now our local police departments across the country are trying to condition the public to accept the technology to keep us safe. Drone manufacturers estimate that 18,000 departments will benefit from these UAV use. So, get prepared because they will be coming to a town near you if they haven’t already arrived. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Texas, recently purchased a ShadowHawk unmanned drone through a grant from the DHS and now this same sheriff’s office is now considering the use of lethal or non-lethal force–firing tear gas and rubber bullets. As we should remember that the ShadowHawak was the same unmanned aerial vehicle the Obama administration utilized to target militant suspects in Afghanistan.

Governments always use terms, like lethal and non-lethal to desensitize the public to what is considered the norm and gradually phase in lethal tactics. I recall when police departments first started to utilize teasers and gradually began cranking up the wattage.

Drones have now decided to take their talents to South Beach. The surveillance has now begun in one of the most beautiful places in Florida, where the women are always sexy and the guys are always trying to impress. However, on Memorial Day Weekend, the Miami-Dade Police Department didn’t hesitate to show off their new toy–the Honeywell Micro Air Vehicle – to all of the partygoers walking around South Beach. The drone hovering in the skies was even captured and uploaded to Youtube for the world to see the police state.


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