Transhumanism is Dehumanizing Society

We need not allow ourselves to evolve into a technological human. This is dangerous.

It would be asinine to overlook at the incredible advancements in technology, over the past decades from the Internet, stem cell research, to all the new apple products that have released. However, we should not fall into oblivion about the multitude of technologies that are dehumanizing the mankind.  It becomes pretty disturbing reading headline all over the internet like “Why the future doesn’t need us,” “How robot drone revolutionized the face of warfare,” or “Monsanto and ArborGen set their eyes on GM trees and grass.” There are certainly millions more articles touching on these topics; these were just minuscule sampled.

The transhumanist phenomenon is exploding and emerging to the surface at an exponential rate. Earlier this month, a Tupac hologram performed at Coachella, CA – orchestrated by Dr. Dre. The hologram performed Makaveli, Hail Mary, 2 of Amerikas Most Wanted  Gangster was performed with Snoop. The ironic thing about the Makaveli performance was that the first line of the song “Makaveli in this… Killuminati, all through your body” lyrics were removed, according to Vigilant Citizens.

When I first heard of the Tupac hologram, I anticipated that his music would eventually be censored before I even hit the play button. I found the performance disturbing. Tupac was an ebullient artist that spoke the truth and now he’s being silenced in death. There is even reports of creating holograms for Jimmy Hendrix and Kurt Cobain–the resurrection of deceased artists – curiosity wonders for what’s next for the music hologram industry.

There may be a threat to humanity with advancements in artificial intelligence. According to some of the leading researchers in the field of biometrics, artificial intelligence, and computer science is saying that superhuman intelligence has not yet evolved. However, Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy, a leading researcher in the field has mentioned that the military industrial complex is investing billions in artificial intelligence research. Yampolskiy also mentions in an interview with Alex Jones, negating the myths that AI will be designed to be violent and aggressive, but makes good for a theatrical hollywood performance. But he knows that this technology can be catastrophic if left in the wrong hands.

Society must be vigilant and cautious of our military industrial complex i.e. DARPA, which are using research to produce drones and robotic soldiers to fight war on the battlefield. In past 10-years, the United States Army has increased the number of robots, from 162 to 7,000 for a multitude of missions. Many are insinuating that these latest destructive technologies could eventually evolve into human like intelligence.

Despite all the advancements in technologies, we have become a society of desensitized, lethargic human beings, dehumanized so that transhumanism can be ushered in. Some of us are in a hypnotic state, putting us in position to be hit by cars and fall into ditches because we are so glued to our smartphones. With the destructive the education system, we are seeing a lack of critical thinking skills and a dependency on calculators and spell-check–eliminating the developing brain to progress. I must admit that I am also a  victim to the destructive of the human mind, but it needs end.


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