RFID Chip Healthcare Requirement

Does the U.S. Supreme Court play politics more than interpret the Constitution?

All this week, the U.S. Supreme court is listening to testimonies, regarding some of the provisions in the healthcare legislation -also referred to as Obamacare. Legislation mandating the American citizens to purchase healthcare and penalizing those who do not. The highest corrupt court of the land  have planned to rule on the case yesterday, but will not release their decision until June, so they have ample time to write their opinions.

The Supreme Court justices are indecisive on their decision about this corporate, government-run healthcare. It is limpid that the insurance companies wrote the healthcare legislation. If that doesn’t burst your bubble, mainstream news outlets have reported that the Obama administration gave waivers exemptions to big companies and unions. Of the nine Supreme Court justices, it bewilders me why the justices, Elana Kegan (newly confirmed justice) and Clearance Thomas hasn’t removed their selves from this case, despite a conflict of interest.

I bet you wonder why; prior to Kagan’s confirmation she was Solicitor General for the Obama administration–this is absolutely why the Supreme Court is irrelevant and a joke–her office assisted in formulating a defense for the healthcare law. She sat in front of legislator persuading, hoodwinking them into believing that the healthcare law is constitutional. In regards to Clearance Thomas, he should have excused himself from the case as well because his wife. She works on K street for a lobbying group, opposing the healthcare law. I’m not saying that I support the legislation because I don’t. No government should ever force their citizens to do something that affects their moral values. Clearly, both of these justices would not be inclined to make an objective decision based on their connections and biases.

We all have probably heard the sound bites, vibrating out of both sides of the aisle; one side saying “this a great piece of legislation, it guarantees healthcare to all Americans, including the 50 million without care.” While the other side is humming a different tune, “Obamacare mandates all Americans have healthcare and then penalizes them if they don’t have insurance. This law also allows the government to institute a non-medical panel to regulate the care of individuals.” All interesting points, but one thing that neither side of the aisle has yet mentioned, including the lapdog media regards this 2700 page–even too much for Justice Scalia to read–legislation is that the law mandates all Americans to have implantable RFID chips inserted in their bodies.

Aaron Russo on RFID and More

If you are not apprised about RFID chips here is a short compendium about the device, the acronym stands for radio-frequency identification device. It is basically a wireless system with an electromagnetic field that enables the tracking and identification of objects. This technology has been utilized for decades from our clothing, tracking animals and is even used in those E-Z Pass devices that commuters lethargically purchase to avoid tolls. And now the government wants to mandate that you are tagged like your Shih Tuz. A pioneer, expert on the dangers of RFID is Katherine Albrecht, I recommend reading her work.

Whether you want to believe it or not this legislation will establish a National Medical Device Registry, in section 2521 pages 1001 -1008 it allows the Secretary to assemble this medical device registry, which will store data of all patients. Remember “all patients” is a euphemism for every American. The data will be collected via two forms of devices; class III and class II – RFID chip – that is implantable, life support or life sustaining. Lastly, patients will be required to implant these devices into their bodies, 36-months to the subsection being enacted; to my calculations that date is March 26, 2013. This is a violation of all barriers of citizens’ privacies and freedoms.

The FDA has even approved the RFID technology, in pertaining to human implementation primarily for medical usage. Those who are familiar with my work, know that the FDA is probably the most corrupt bureaucratic, agency in the federal government, right behind the FED. I’ll be damned to even leave my non-existence offspring in the hands of an agency that cares little to nothing about our health. The FDA works in conjunction with Big Pharma and Big Agra, let’s remember that the health insurance companies wrote this law. When it comes to the eugenicists and their legislation, it must be analyzed in-depth because you never know what you are getting in a 2700 page law.


As we make, new advances in technologies, there are many people who use these new age technologies as a machination to carry out their own agenda. That agenda is to control the population and eventually eradicate the majority. Now, we have a healthcare legislation cluttered with mandates that will eventually control our lives. We as a society we cannot be naive to believe that our government will only use the RFID chips for medical purposes, this device will be utilized to violate any remaining freedoms we may have left guaranteed by the constitution.

Oh, you’re a protester – also consider a domestic terrorist by the government – veraciously speaking out in dissent against  your corrupt government, they’ll just track your every move without a warrant, simultaneously violating the 4th amendment. This is just speculation, but I presume that the implantation of this device may be used to silence dissent as well as eliminate people the government finds a threat. Even though RFID from knowledge doesn’t cause any physical harm, it raises many questions of the capability of the government/elites; it’s bad enough the government adds fluoride and other carcinogens in our food and water and has no shame admitting they can indefinitely detain and assassinate U.S. citizens in this country.

This issue of the healthcare law should not be taken with a grain of salt, our future lies is in the hand 9 supreme court justices that will determine the constitutional legality of this legislation. Obmacare or whatever you want to identify it as is not healthcare reform it is absolutely healthcare destruction and control over our own health. If we win this battle, it’s just another step in the right direction. We need to not to allow democide statistics to burnish.


4 thoughts on “RFID Chip Healthcare Requirement

  1. I have a problem with the overall premise of your article but I still think its really informative. I really like your other posts. Keep up the great work. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. 🙂 thanks

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