Kony 2012: Propaganda for Neo-colonialism

The procrastination, the wait, the research, the analysis has come to a halt; Veracious Thoughts has finally exposed and dissembling Kony 2012, for what it truly is.  

By now, most of the world has seen or heard about the Kony 2012 Campaign that has gone viral all over the internet; racking up an estimated projection of about 80 million hits (79,918,805), while other reports believe that the video may have been viewed by 100 million. Now if you haven’t seen or at least heard about this video, you must be hiding under a rock, but I strongly suggest you take a look. It seems that everybody and their mom are hoping on the Kony 2012 bandwagon, from A-list celebrities e.g. George Clooney, Rihanna, Angelia Jolie, Bill Gates to politicians e.g. George Bush – if endorsed by Bush it must be a joke – Zbigniew Burzynski, Hillary Clinton, Samantha Powers. But most of the trendy left and right is failing to look at this campaign objectively and logically – while others see the propaganda clearly.

So, the Kony 2012 is a campaign originally organized by a non-profit by the name of Invisible Children Inc. Their sole mission for this campaign is to bring awareness to the atrocities, caused by the rebel leader and warlord Joseph Kony. By bringing awareness to this issue, it will persuade and encourage more military action by the U.S. government to find Joseph Kony and bring him to justice. The organization apparently – and I say that very lightly – conducts a lot of humanitarian missions to help the people in Uganda. It surely sounds pretty insightful, divulging about an issue that very few people who are not occluded from the real world and coming together to stand for one issue.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with arresting a man who has already been indicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court. The problem with video is that it leaves war as the only option.

Who are Invisible Children? 

An organization that was offended by scrutiny from critics and even watch groups like Charity Navigator for not reporting their budget publicly. Because of all the heat the organization posted on their website its expenditures. Just because a 13 million dollar organization posts statistics to silence their critics does not mean we should not analyze that information. The non-profit spends only 30% of the profit on the people of Uganda, while the rest used to administrative and traveling expenses – you know filmmakers have to fly first class – making documentaries, and other expenses. They surely enjoy living lavish lifestyles, the organization spent 400,000 dollars for rent last year and more.

I was actually shocked that the globalist front group, Council on Foreign Relations was very critical against the IC, claiming that

IC founders infatuated with war.

they manipulated the Obama administration with exaggerated facts to expedite strategic actions in the region. This is a very surprising because the CFR, Bilderberg Group, and the UN are all about population control, but I guess it has to be on their terms. Even though they criticized the group earlier, Angelia Jolie and the CFR have now given the IC their blessing. Congo’s President Joseph Kabila feels that the Kony 2012 campaign will surely incite violence across the region and into his country.

So, who is Invisible Children; an organization that brings awareness to the atrocities occurring on across the Atlantic, but are oblivious to the larger scope of the things. Their founders love war and encourage you do the same.

Kony 2012 Analysis

Subsequent to watching the video I was more disturbed, outrage, exasperated than encouraged about the quality of propaganda that much of millions of viewers were being indoctrinated with. The highly funded and produced documentary begins with one of the filmmakers and IC founders – Jason Russell – documenting his family and their lives. Russell describes Joseph Kony to his viewers with ignorance and disdainfulness; he sits his son in front of the camera with two photos and explains that this is the bad man who hurts and kills people, especially children. I don’t know about you, but he’s belittling his viewers, using subliminally to tell them “if my 3-year old son gets it than certainly you can.”

The Kony 2012 campaign is engulfed with a multitude of subliminal; Invisible Children designed a poster illustrating Kony seated with Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden – also known as Tim Osama. First, it was Hitler, then it was Bin Laden, and now it’s Kony, the “worst war criminal.” It is complete asinine to even consciously make this comparison. This type of propaganda is encouraging war; when you think of the heinous actions of these individuals military action resonates with us. Russell revalidates that we are not calling for war just military assistance – get the fuck out of here – Obama said the same thing with Libya. All these covert euphemisms are the just war, nothing more nothing less.

Do you feel just a little belittled?

I bet, IC never hesitated to persuade their globalist minion celebrities to tell their brainwashed fans to get involved in pervading neo-colonialism throughout Africa. This entire campaign has done nothing other than infiltrated the grassroots using celebrities to promote war. Angelia Jolie is a prime example of a globalist celebrity promoting war, this is the same warmonger who lauds the Libyan rebels – she must love Al Qaeda and love the killing of black Libyans, well that’s dangerous.

This entire organization is undeniably using coercion to target middle schools, high schools, and even college students to endorse war and more war. Hitler sure enough did it, so I guess it was essential to adopt the same model.  An Orwellian agenda is surely being promoted, first war is peace, then we gravitate to freedom is slavery.

Campaigning for, just curious.

There is absolutely no justification of Joseph Kony’s atrocities throughout his 10-year reign as a warlord of the LRA. Yes, he has killed around 100 hundred thousand, abducted thousands of children, forcing them to become child, soldiers. There are reports that no one has seen Kony in almost six years while others even think he’s dead. He is obviously a dormant and irrelevant to the people of Uganda. If he is alive, he should be brought to justice. Let’s clear something up for a second; half of the world wants Kony’s head due to a few filmmakers making documentaries about the heinous actions caused by Kony and the LRA, primarily child soldiers. The irony is that this subject is far from new, child soldiers are very common throughout the third world, even the current President Museveni used child soldiers while leader of the NRA (National Resistance Army), there is certainly no war drums to remove him from power.

Uganda’s dictator Yoweri Museveni, has killed conservatively 7 million people in the region – Kony is a microcosm – especially in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the 90s. IC doesn’t give a damn about Africans, better yet humanity. Where the hell was Invisible Children – if they care so much about children – when the U.S. has killed 1million Iraqis; where in the hell was Invisible Children when Clinton bombed Kosovo, killing thousands; and where the hell were you as your precious President continually use predator drones all over the Middle East.

Aficom’s role in Kony 2012

The culture of a powerful empire is to pervade and occupy as much land and natural resources as possible, while competing with 3adversaries – in the U.S. case its China. New proxy wars are orchestrated as a pretax to monopolize countries to eventually rape them of their natural resources. During the era of colonialism, empires would rape the lands, women end enslave the population, now with the transformation of neo-colonialism women and children are also raped and sold into slavery with the help of the UN. The globalist has become cancerous throughout the Middle East and are continuing their agenda, but now are beginning to migrate to the continent of Africa under Africom.

You mean you will fight for war.

When a grass root organization funded by the State Department, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and George Soros it raises many issues regarding the true agenda and whether their mission is pernicious toward Africans not just Ugandans. Well it does because since this Invisible Children’s documentary went viral – obtaining much support from these trendy liberals – two congressman – Jim McGovern an Ed Royce – introduced a resolution supporting the effort to increase the military force throughout the continent of Africa, where humanitarian aid is needed. I swear we’ve heard that term before, “humanitarian aid” used when Obama decided to invade Libya, affectively killing 40,000 innocent civilians and funding terrorist. These same warmongers have this over indulgence to invade Syria for control over the region. It’s all about destabilization. Humanitarian aid is just a euphemism for war. Any type of military aid is never intended to help the people only to impede.

Kony 2012 is a dangerous propaganda piece that is setting up the foundation for Henry Kissinger’s memorandum 200, which basically has the intentions to reduce the population in the third world – yes that is including Africa. In April of 1974, Henry Kissinger – under the Nixon Administration – sent National Security Study Memorandum 200 to five departments to conduct a 26 year longitudinal study about population growth and the course of actions the U.S. should take to control population in the third world. The West has even taken measures to seize  the land from Ugandans villages in the fight against “global warming;” last fall an armed force backed by the World Bank and HBCS invaded a village burning homes and killing children. Where was Invisible Children when this type of atrocities was going on?

The Ugandan Perspective  

Invisible Children surely hoodwinked the hell out of their uninformed and credulous followers, as well as the water-down media, but couldn’t dupe Ugandan natives, and the well informed. Since the video went viral, there has been hundreds and maybe thousands of articles, blogposts, and even videos critiquing the organization’s mission.

Recently, Al Jazera English interviewed some Ugandans in the northern part of the country, an area that was seriously affected by the LRA. The citizens were outraged when they viewed the screening of the Knoy 2012 propaganda, which resulted in anger and violence. Some in the crowd began to stone the screening. Ugandans interviewed by Al Jazera exemplified that white Americans are exploiting and making a mockery of the suffrage of black African for profit and gain. Many are conscious that military force will result in more atrocities in the region. The third world is knowledgeable that a West or UN invasion will cause more grief than prosperity – Argentina and Zimbabwe are perfect examples – and certainly others.

It is so amazing that adults can be indoctrinated and tricked so quickly, but that’s not the case with a teenage high school student who sees the bigger picture and can think critically. Sanyu a Ugandan American created a response to the video to Kony 2012 and racked up over 3 million views. Take a look for your self:


I must say that Edward Berney’ book Propaganda is the tome of hoodwinking people into believing any and everything. We have been conditioned not thinking logically to refrain from questioning things that contradicts something we’re told. It disheartening to not think critically, it hampers your chance to see the broad spectrum.

Have you seen the ICC list?  I noticed that International Criminal Court’s list of criminals are very bias; the only names that appear are of people of color; political leaders and warlords from Africa or the Middle East. Where are the names of those Western leaders responsible for funding dictators into power and their own crimes? If I were to compile a list of all the Western leaders who should be indicted for war crimes and their atrocities, this list would triple the crimes of the current list. Better yet, what if I complied a list of all the globalist bankers and their minions listing all of the atrocities they have committed over decades – financial and humanitarian crimes – every minute those crimes will continue to climb.

The point I am trying to make is this it doesn’t matter if it’s Invisible Children in 2012 or another organization in four more years – and yes, I’m insinuating that it’s reelection propaganda campaign – the organization is just focusing one guerilla war lord who haven’t been seen in six years, when you could target a humanity war lords; an institution responsible for the genocide of all ethnic groups. It is almost impossible to analyze the specimen with the naked, so look through your microscope. Don’t allow Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Bush, Obama, just to name a few continue to get away with murder. An internecine is a criminal who has no morals and cares very little about humanity. Raise awareness about their crimes.


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