Obama’s Black History Month Message

The month of February is gradually coming to a close, the second month of the year where we celebrate Valentines Day with the ones we love as well, as celebrating Black History Month. As I got older, I never understood the purpose of African Americans celebrating their heritage on the shortest month of the year. When it comes to history it should be commemorated every single day of our lives, surely not in one month. All of American history is important including Black history, Native Indian history, etc. I have nothing against Black History Month, I just find it essential that we all should be knowledgeable of all history; some are apprised on Black History, but oblivious to the rest of American history and even World history. As the late George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Carter G. Woodson, historian meant well in establishing “Negro History Week” – the precursor of Black History Month –  the second week in February 1926. Woodson chose

Are you sure? Think about it!

this particular week because it fell on the birthday of Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas. Like most mainline scholastic historians then and even to the present day negates the fact that Lincoln never wanted to be intended on freeing the slave. In Lerone Bennett’s 2006 book, “Forced into Glory,” he articulates that if Lincoln had his way blacks wouldn’t even be in America or slavery would have lasted into the 1950s. Woodson never envisioned Negro History Week lasting nor transitioning into an entire month; he wanted to eventually eliminate it once African American history became a fundamental part of American history – we all know that never happened. Even though his dream never came true, many people study black history as an essential part of American history.

My reasoning behind this post/article was primarily due to watching a new propaganda ad, for Obama 2012 campaign. Take a wild guess of the title of his new campaign ad for February? Well, I’ll tell you it’s called “African Americans for Obama.” I found the ad reprehensible disturbing for a number of reasons, but I rather you judge the video for yourself first.

As long as I can remember, I don’t recall a single candidate Republican or Democrats attempting to invoke race as a means of obtaining votes from a certain demographic. The irony of his direction is that he never took this approach in 2008, so why now? Now if any of the four remaining republican candidates announced a national campaign called “Whites for…” – they would be vilified, demonized, crucified by every liberal correspondent from Al Sharpton to Ronald Martin. Obama is simply inciting division; blacks should for a vote for Obama because he’s black. No blacks, Americans should vote for the best candidate who protects our civil liberties and freedom and it’s surely not you, Obama.

Once again, he violated the constitution – first amendment – he encourages black churches to assist with his campaign, which is in clear violation of the constitution. The first amendment clearly states that congress shall make no law respecting the constitution an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Yes, his address is not a law, but as the president, he’s infringing on religious institutions’ rights. If these Baptist, Methodist, or even Pentecostal churches want to become political, they may do so without the involvement of government telling them who to vote for.

What I found the most facetious about the entire campaign ad is when he began making suggestions on how to get involved – attending HBCU organize workshops or becoming a congregation captain. Wow! So, I am assuming as a congregation captain you will organize a team to canvass and convince others to vote for Obama?

I must say that Obama’s propagandize campaign ad is very creative, but a successful campaign is not synonymous with a successful presidency. In my opinion, American’s first black president’s first term has been a complete failure to this nation as well as the world.

One of the first actions implemented by Obama his very first days in office was to use an executive order that would assure that millions of babies in the third world would be aborted – used with taxpayer dollars. The irony of this whole thing is that he constantly mentions that he’s the son of a Kenyan native but justifies the abortion of babies in the third world including in Kenya. Who the hell is he think he is to regulate who should live and die? I’m the son of a Sierra Lone native, you don’t hear me advocating a rise in abortion in the third world.

Obama may be America’s first black president, but as a society, we should never base our vote just on race. We should vote for a candidate that serves our self-interest, believes in the constitution, believes in civil liberties, and the freedom. I understand many African American’s feel comfortable voting for someone who resembles his or her image because of slavery and Jim Crow. But it’s a bit troubling, when you see your black president involved in chicanery with the same banks involved in the bailouts, invading middle eastern country after middle eastern country, and even signing the NDAA; the response of his sympathizers is either silence or at his defense. How can anyone defend the assassination of American citizens or the indefinite detainment of U.S. citizens without due process? I guess the reality will only set in if it’s you or yours.

Black History Month is about their legacy and what they fought for, freedom.


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