Enthrallment the Globalist True Agenda

FEMA camp? I don’t you tell me.

I must say that I have flown a dozen of flights post 9-11 and have never been invasive patted down, nor was I forced to proceed through the naked body scanners – I would have refused anyway to be subjected to unconstitutional security searches to begin with. I have read numerous articles and even seen video excerpts of men, young women, children, as well as the elderly proceed to be violated by men in blue uniforms as a means of national security.

It’s somewhat ironic that our government wants to quickly infringe the American people of their rights when the country faces a terrorist attack, especially when the federal governments has been responsible for orchestrating ALL of these attacks. The evidence illustrating the government staging false flag terror is astronomical; we can easily find ample evidence as far back as the first World Trade Center bombing in 93.

In 1993, the FBI paid – used taxpayer dollars – a known Egyptian terrorist and informant, Mohammed Salameh. He was asked to detonate a real bomb to blow up the WTC. Salameh found the FBI’s motive disturbing, so he decided to record his conversations as a means of protecting himself from being set up. This was just the beginning of the government’s three false flag attempts to push through legislation to control the masses, but it failed.

We all probably remember that tragic Wednesday morning of 1995, witnessing women and children being rushed to the nearest hospital on stretchers, as they fought for their lives. Hours after the Oklahoma City bombing the government had their man; a tall, white, redneck, extremist, Timothy McVeigh who was considered the prime suspect and the miscreant of the bombing. Whatever story we choose to believe regarding Oklahoma City, whether it’s the government’s official story – which is usually a cover up – or something else, the truth is that McVeigh was nothing other than another Oswald, scapegoat forced to take the fall for his government’s actions. Prior to Oklahoma City, Timothy McVeigh, wrote a letter to his sister Jennifer, exemplifying that he was working at Fort Bragg and he may be ordered to work with the CIA to fly in drugs to the US to fund covert operations – WTF, and you still believe that your government would never ship drugs or guns into the country – and to work as a government assassin. McVeigh has even admitted that truth will eventually come out showing that the government staged the bombing.

Oklahoma City was, of course, another heinous false flag attack that took the lives of 168 innocent Americans; it’s a little discomfort when you look at information and discover that months before the bombing Joe Bidden – yes, our vice president – introduced legislation that precursor the Patriot Act and the NDAA, Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995.  In an interview, Ted Gunderson a retired senior special FBI agent articulated that the Patriot Act was originally written during the George HW Bush administration. It seems that the first WTC and Oklahoma City bombing didn’t result in enough casualties to usher through one of the most draconian pieces legislation, the Patriot Act.

After an eight-year hiatus, these control freak bureaucrats have finally been able to institute legislation to enthrall the American people with one of the biggest false flag attacks – surely not the last – 9/11. The twin towers, as well as Building 7, fell demolition style into their own footprints; the official story is surely debatable if you want you may read my perspective here. Whatever side of the debate you may be on is not essential at the moment, the essential point is that the infringement of our rights has been an agenda formulated for almost 10 years prior to 9/11. Even to this day, our freedoms are being used as a pawn, by these globalists in their chess match.

The Christmas Day bomber was one of the many infamous false flags, threatening our sanity at the airport and other traveling hubs. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab – the underwear bomber – the Nigerian man that was allowed on the plane from Amsterdam to Detroit and detonated a defected bomb in his pants – the same bombing material was also used by the “shoe bomber.” Umar’s father a prominent businessman from Nigeria noticed his son’s radical behavior, so he apprised the U.S. embassy about Umar and his connections to Yemen. This means that the State Department were consciously aware of Umar and could have easily added his name to the “No Fly List.” According to Patrick Kennedy, – National Security Director – an unknown security agency – probably the CIA – ask for Umar’s name to be removed from any list and proceed to fly because his whereabouts were being monitored.

Kurt Haskell and his wife were two of the only passengers who actually witnessed Umar being escorted onto the airplane in Amsterdam, without a passport. Haskell said that he noticed a sharply dressed man in a tan suit, arguing with the ticket agent, insisting that Mutallab needs to get on the plane whether he has the appropriate documents. Watch his Interview:

Recently, Kurt Haskell read a statement during the sentencing of Mutallab, where he elaborated on his experience on that nearly fatal day. Haskell articulated how on that Christmas day his government conspired to kill him, his wife, and the other passenger board with a patsy terrorist.

It’s important to note that subsequent to the bombing there was a huge outcry from the American people knows about the security apparatus in protecting this nation. One of the key globalist behind improving–eliminating our rights–security was Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security under the Bush administration. Chertoff was instrumental in implementing Body Scanners in U.S. airports, mainly because his consulting firm, Chertoff Group Inc. profited from the very same scanners. The government had even purchased and used these body scanners a year before the incident – 2008 – prior to this false flag plot. It seemed that they needed an incident of this magnitude as a motive in moving through these hazardous scanners and invasive pat down. It made sense to use an Al-Qaeda patsy and give him a defected bomb to put in his pants, so they would have a justification to touch your breast or feel on your genitals.

This practice of fear mongering, is so prevalent among the Feds; they find patsies and help in the orchestration of false flag attacks. They assist them in the process, while simultaneously restricting our rights. The FBI didn’t have a problem supplying Mohamed Osmen Mohamud with the bombing material, in Portland and sure didn’t have a problem supplying Rezwan Ferduas a drone that would have been used in a terrorist attack in Boston. Now, the government even labels demonstrators and activist terrorist, so just forget about the first amendment.

Our precious FBI, has been involved in a multitude of attempted terrorist plots, even the most recent one where a lone suicide bomber attempted to blow up a building in capitol hill. What the mainstream media – CBS – fails to tell their viewers is that the FBI supplied Amine El Khalifi with bombing material and escorted him through the entire terrorist plot. As we all know that this is a routine procedure by the FBI. We should not be surprised!

So, the question lies with us Americans and human being across the world, are we going to continue to be hoodwinked and manipulated by this illegitimate government and these global elites that want to enthrall all of humankind?


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