Really Think Planned Parenthood is Worth the Fight?

KKK salute the Margret Sanger’s message. And many liberals are obliviously saluting too.

Susan G. Koman for the Cure – a foundation that raises money for breast cancer research, education, advocacy, and social programs – recently, publicly renounced funding Planned Parenthood, but then overtly rescinded cutting funds. Why? Because there was an ardor of support behind Planned Parenthood, but, of course, many of those supporters who are obviously turbid, may be oblivious about its history. I even got into a heated dispute with an ill-informed individual regarding a comment I posted about Planned Parenthood.

A female responded to my comment about Koman cutting funds for Planned Parenthood and went into this tirade:

My post: I laud, Susan Koman even though they fail to target the true miscreants responsible for breast cancer. We need to stop funding Planned Parenthood, which is nothing other than a eugenics front organization partly responsible for the 1.3 million aborted babies killed in America – 50 million worldwide.

Her response: You’re a delusional freak. 

In other words, you watch Faux Noise and believe every lie they plant in your pea-brain.

My most recent response: Before asserting, to call people names do your research, Helen. For your information, I don’t watch fox news – Faux Noise, or whatever appellation you want to use. 

Have you ever heard of the name Margret Sanger, the mother, founder of Planned Parenthood – Birth Control League? Throughout her entire career, she uses the eugenics movement philosophy and called for the abortion of black babies as well the sterilizing of black women. This same bitch – excuse my language – received awards from Hitler. I mean, if you choose  this person to admire, then I deeply feel sorry for you. 

Well, if you feel that the eugenics movement was ok, then I won’t even waste my time arguing with you on Planned Parenthood. Why won’t you conduct a little research about its history? 

Lol! You’re a joke.

Too many people are misguided and confused behind the founding of the most draconian, federal funded, eugenics front groups in North America – better yet the world. Many have been bamboozled into believing that this organization is unfeigned and founded on the premise of supporting women’s rights, however, that is furthest from the truth. Some of you reading this information may find it redundant, while others may find it eye-opening. The purpose is to alter your entire perspective of Planned Parenthood. But, I truly hope that this information will not bolster anyone’s bigotry.

Before Planned Parenthood was recognized as Planned Parenthood, its original appellation was the American Birth Control League. Margret Sanger, founded this organization in 1921, which supposedly promoted and encouraged women to control their own fertility. While the transition of the organization’s name did not come into effect until 1942, the organization’s bigotry and eugenics ideology followed it wherever it went. Sanger’s racist ideology resonated with her colleagues and globalist. All of her writings and speeches, especially in the Birth Control Review, she referenced Blacks as, “reckless breeders, human-weeds, unfit, feeble-minded, and human being that should never have been born.” Sanger would use this type of language at Ku Klux Klan rallies, where she was a keynote speaker on many occasions.

Some of her writings did focus on women’s parental rights – pertaining to birth control – but when analyzing her dialog it is easy to decipher her position on population control, especially among races. In her autobiography, “Now a time to Conserve” she writes,

“I accepted one branch of this philosophy, but eugenics without birth control seemed to me a house built upon stands. It could not stand against the furious winds of economic pressure, which had buffeted into partial or total helplessness a tremendous proportion of the human race. The eugenists wanted to shift the birth control emphasis from fewer children for the poor to more children for the rich. We went back of that and sought first to stop the multiplication of the unfit. This appeared the most important and greatest step towards race betterment.”

The American Birth Control League – Sanger – may have been more embracing of eugenics than the American Eugenics Society, mainly as a result of Sanger instigating the Negro Project in 1939. The name means exactly what it means, the extermination of negros, blacks, etc., she recruited professional leaders – pastors, doctors, nurses, political leader – to encourage the black community – women – to utilize birth control. The few notable black figures to support the Negro Project were Mary McLeod Bethune, W. E. B. DuBois, and Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. She even persuaded and targeted Martin Luther King Jr.

Margret Sanger was a crafty, meticulous type of women, especially pertaining to her projects. In December of 1939, she wrote a letter to Clarence Gamble – a colleague and the founder of Pathfinder a reproductive organization. He was an advocate of birth control and the eugenics movement, and the heir to the Proctor and Gamble fortune – where she states,

“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

I’m hoping you are seeing her motive now; she was never a woman who cared about helping people. Just a selfish bitch that embraced eugenics and genocide.

Little on Eugenics

At the height of slavery, slaves were a huge asset to plantation owners as well as profitable to other institutions – banks, newspapers, insurance companies, and even the railroad. To the elites, who controlled these institutions and the economy, as long as slaves were enthralled they were considered an asset, but once freed they became a liability. These elites feared the emancipation of slavery because they assumed these – 4 million – uneducated blacks would tarnish the economy, northerners felt that it would result into an immense migration of freed slaves, and the fear interracial relationships would become rampant.

During the time of the Emancipation Proclamation, a new philosophy emerged, eugenics. Francis Galton – the father of eugenics, devised the term eugenics – he felt that there are two forms of races an inferior and superior race. He associated the inferior race as the lowest of humankind – Africans. Francis Galton was born into an elite family that profited from the slave trade; he was also the cousin Charles Darwin.

These population controlled freaks realized that the blatant execution of the entire Black and low-class population was socially impossible. So they decided to be cordial and commit to a racial genocide at a slower rate. It must be known that eugenics movement was not something embraced by the average white man, it was primarily an ideology embraced by the elitists, who couldn’t legally profit from slavery anymore.

Let me share with you an example of how hellish these miscreants were in pushing their agenda. In 1906, Madison Grant, a eugenicist promoted the human exhibition at the Bronx Zoo, of a 23-year-old Nigerian man Ota Benga, who shared a cage with other primates.  At that time, the exhibit was opened up to the public, a clergyman, James H. Gordon expressed his displeasure regarding the exhibit, “Our race, we think, is depressed enough, without exhibiting one of us with the apes … We think we are worthy of being considered human beings, with souls.” The human exhibit was the paragon of Darwin’s theory. The incident outraged much of the nation, forcing the Mayor to close the exhibit. Ten years after being humiliated. Ota Benga committed suicide.

Nazi Ties

Adolf Hitler was so inspired by the American Eugenics movement and implemented their philosophies during his dictatorial reign. In late 1939, Lathop Stroddard – a eugenicist, anthropologist, as well as the appoint to the Board of Director of the American Birth Control League – spent a few months in Germany, while visiting he met with Adolf Hitler and SS officer Heinrich Hemlin. Universities in Germany even admitted that the Nazi form of racism would be the model of the American eugenics.

I can go in-depth into Stroddard, or talk about Eugene Fisher and others whom all had strong connections to the Birth Control League, American Eugenics Society, and the Nazis. It is essential to remind ourselves that the eugenics movement was funded by some of the same foundations we are familiar with today like the Carnegie Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation.


There are a multitude of articles, books, and documentaries – one that I’ll share with you at the conclusion of this article – covering the American eugenics movement and their connection with American Birth Control League, the precursor of Planned Parenthood. Let us not forget that the changing of their name in 1942, never essentially changed their philosophy. The same racists, eugenicists continued to serve on their board and Sanger was still the face. Changing their name was only a public relation strategy, no different from Black Water changing their name twice, in an attempt to hide their heinous, malicious actions they committed while serving in Iraq.

Some proponents of the Planned Parenthood argue, “well they just do not have programs for abortion, they also have programs encouraging safe sex, family planning, as well as STD testing.” These same people are missing the point that if you are a criminal organization you will burnish how great your organization is, while downplaying the true motive. Let’s be clear, family planning is nothing other than a euphemism for population control. Stop assuming these rich, eugenicists, sons of bitches cares about you. They are selfish bigots and would not mind exterminating those they find inferior – people of color and the poor population.

It’s nearly imperative to understand and learn our history because the more passive and lackadaisical we are about our past we will quickly become desensitized to accept anything. And before we realize it, the worst of history will resurface. I will just end with this quote by Ismael Hernandez, “The civil rights leaders have forgotten the lives of unborn black children and joined those who choose to kill them. Unbelievable! They have forgotten that racist snatched black babies from their mother’s arms and sold them into slavery. Today they snatch them from their mother’s womb and throw them into the garbage.”


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