Ron Paul the Undisputed Candidate for President

He is ready to get in the ring with anybody.

We constantly hear innuendoes and excerpts from the establishment water-down media that congressman Ron Paul is an illegitimate candidate, who can’t possibly win the Republican nomination. I’m assuming that most of us have probably seen the excerpt from the Daily Show with John Stewart, where he illustrated how the water-downed media has deliberately ignored Paul’s existence, despite the fact he has constantly polled in the top two. This water-down media and establishment are so tremulous of Ron Paul winning the nomination that they feel obliged to demonize and condemn him.

All of the constant trepidation from the establishment is giving Paul more and more momentum, which belies their main agenda. Paul is undisputedly the only candidate who actually is giving an ALTERNATIVE perspective – and I don’t mean that lightly, compared to all of his other adversaries, subsuming Obama. The United States is the centerpiece of the world and we need a new face, a non-establishment face, and one who will serve the interest of humanity, not the misanthrope eugenicist.

This 76-year-old constitutionalist, libertarian is far from any other politician to ever walk the halls and aisles of capital hill. For the past 24 years, Paul has the most consistent record comparable to most of cohorts on both sides of the aisle. From my knowledge and research, he has been the only opponent to veraciously speak-out against the Federal Reserve and recognize that this banking cartel is piercing our economy. People are quick criticize and blame the capitalistic system – a system he greatly believes in – like it’s the accountable for this economical debacle we are facing in this country and even the world. The truth is that crony-capitalism – collectivism is truly ruining our economy. You basically have big corporations and big banks working hand in hand with government to scapegoat that capitalist ideology. The Fed is the biggest problem in the destruction of capitalism, which needs to be dismantled. This corrupt institution gives trillions of dollars to big banks – Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and even international banks.

He follows on the platform of the constitution, the document that this nation was built on and now has been pissed on by tyrannical miscreant criminals – passing dumb ass legislations like the NDAA, Patriot Act, fighting unjust wars, and administering TSA to feel on our children and spouses bodies. Paul is an advocate of civil liberties, on many occasions he’s spoken out against the Patriot Act and especially the newly passed NDAA, which he feels it’s the implementation of Martial Law and the elimination of Posse Comitatus.

Of all the candidates Ron Paul has continuously opposed these unjust wars and military occupation in countries we have not been at war with in over 60 years – what’s the purpose of having bases in Germany, South Korea, Japan, and in hundreds of countries. He is the most well informed candidate, he knows history, knows this nations foreign policy and how it has crippled the rest of the world. Analyzing the foreign policy of Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Huntsman, and Perry, they’re all dogmatically warmongers. Neither candidate would hesitate in going to war with Iran, which will eventually lead to WWIII. It’s disturbing enough that Rick Perry wants re-invade Iraq – it’s not like we ever left to begin with, especially when mercenary troop occupy the streets of the country; protecting U.S. diplomats.

Many agree with Ron Paul’s foreign policy – especially liberals – mainly because it’s a complete 360 of the establishment controlled, elected minions, but when it comes to his social and economic policy they shy away from accepting his “radical” social issues. Radical issues, what? All this man wants to do is to leave the power in the hands of the state; he realizes that when the power given to the states the people are in power not some behemoth government. Our federal government has become so vast over the years that many have acclimated in accepting the tyranny; why is it ok for the NSA to listen to our cell phone conversations, while tracking our every moves. If that’s nothing then why is it ok to assassinate an American citizens without any due process.

Ending the drug war sound like an extreme radical thing to do, but many are missing the point that this big daddy federal government that we love so much ships the drugs in from Latin America, Mexico, and even Afghanistan – you may have heard of it. The federal government makes billions and billions of dollars by shipping drugs on to the streets of our urban communities. This war on drugs in line with the prison industrial complex are incarcerating blacks at a extremely higher rate than white, despite whites abuse drugs at a rate 68% higher. Paul recognizes that the drug war a just a racist system designed to allow the government to profit from a corrupt system, while simultaneously imprisoning people of color.

Why Ron?

I remember the 2008 election vividly, when Barak Obama was elected President, the moral of the country was at it’s peak. People praised and celebrated the fact that the U.S. finally broke the color barrier, which was an amazing accomplishment. After looking over Obama’s first term in office, it’s clear that he has failed the American people and even the world, with his flip-flopping and unconstitutional leadership. But let’s not dwell failed accomplishments. Ron Paul may not be the establishment candidate that we are so accustomed to electing; he is a person, a politician, a man who stands for the tenet of freedom and liberty. These misanthropes, eugenicist have been running this world for centuries and this country for decades, with their central banks – e.g. Federal Reserve – and millions of corporations, foundations, and front groups. The time has emerged, where many of us need to come the realization that we no longer want to be in bondage. Ron Paul undisputedly the only candidate to steer this country in the right direction through his economic policy, social policy and foreign policy. We need a politician, a human being that speaks for the American people and stands behind the “Constitution.” Ron Paul 20


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