Educational Deception

A small town economics professor, Jack Chambless of Valencia College asked his students to write a short essay on what the American Dream means to them, specifically, what should the role of the federal government in accomplishing that dream. According Chambless, the response of many of his students were startling; the majority students carry this socialistic ideology that the federal government should be their big daddy and take care of them.

It was even a little more disturbing to read some of the results with the naked eye. The answers evinced that the country’s education system is broken. One of his students gave the most Darwinist, stupefy, nonsensical responses that are unexplainable:

I took the essays from three classes – about 180 students…

About 10% of the students said they wanted the government to leave them alone and not tax them too much and let them regulate their own lives.

But over 80% of the students said that the American dream to them meant a job, a house, and plenty of money for retirement and vacations and things like this. When it came to the part about the federal government, eight out of ten students said they wanted free health care, they wanted the government to pay for their tuition, they wanted the government to pay for the down payment on their house, they expected the government to, quote, “give them a job.” Many of them said they wanted the government to tax wealthier individuals so that they would have an opportunity to have a better life.

One of Professor Chambless’ most promising students writes:

As human beings, we are not really responsible for our acts, and so we need the government to control those who don’t care about others.

It is almost nearly impossible not to find some levity in this misguided student’s statement. I find no reasoning to waste my intellectual time on this imbecile, who obviously doesn’t know two shits about history. Yeah, I guess the federal government really cares about their own citizens after admitting to conducting a 40-year-old study on black men–the Tuskegee experiment. Buddy, I guess you are right, we need the federal government to knowingly putting toxic carcinogens and heavy metals in our food and water to make us servile. The list is endless on the federal government impeding the lives of their own people. He and his fellow peers are missing the point, this federal government have actually been hi-jacked by a foreign banking cartel.

The debate regarding education has been ongoing for decades; two of the prominent leaders in the debate on education is Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt and John Taylor Gatto. If you are not familiar with these two names, Google them, it is essential.

Charlotte Iserbyt, served as the Senior Policy Advisor for the Office of Education Research and Improvement, under the Ronald Reagan Administration. She was then terminated from the department for whistle-blowing covert information about the Department of Education. The termination lead to her writing the book, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.”

While a senior policy advisor, she discovered that a socialist collective model of education was gradually being indoctrinated into the public school system. In her book, she articulates that this agenda formulated from some of the biggest tax-exempt foundations like the Carnegie Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. With these foundations heavily involved in the education system, they induce the psychological method to burgeon the dumbing down of  America. Research and psychology from Skinner and Wundt – these are the same asshole eugenicist, who felt that man had no soul, no determination, and we were like animals–entered the classrooms of some of top schools in the country to train and train more on education.  These men may have had a tremendous contribution on the world of psychology, but they are also the most arrogant misanthropes. During the same time, the globalist Rockefeller Foundation funded academics like James Earl Russell and John Dewey to change the education curriculums for the worst. This should not be a surprise to anyone, who is familiar with this blog; John D. Rockefeller once said, “I don’t want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers.

It makes sense that globalist like John D. Rockefeller would want a nation of workers, not thinkers because it would allow them to commit treasonous crimes without anyone having a clue. If we have allowed our education system to develop into a shard, it would be obvious to find miscreant legislators passing bills like the Patriot Act, NDAA, and even deceiving the American people into fight in unjust wars.

But if that doesn’t top it off, these draconian SOBs have the audacity to add fluoride to our water supply–a carcinogen that has absolutely no health benefit, despite what they have you to believe. I have discussed fluoride in one of my latest posts. If it is not the fluoride that they add to our food and water, it is something else affecting our neurological health, like lithium. Yes, people lithium, which make you passive and subservient.

Academic and poet may have said it best, “When you stop educating and start training civilization dies.” Have we discontinued education in this country?


As long as I can remember people have conveyed to me that education is the road to prosperity and success. And those same Illuminati globalist who want absolute control of the world is well aware of this philosophy. The digression of critical thinking has crippled our education system; when you make people one dimensional thinker it hampers a person subconscious – questioning, forget about it; conduct one’s own research, you got to be kidding. We as a population are indoctrinated with the fact from our schools and mainstream corporate media, which is nothing other than the water-down version of the truth. This is their way dumbing down America to create a population sheep that lack the strength to be veracious.

The majority of America, especially our youth are under this hypnosis trans that has deprived us from seeing limpid through the tunnel. This neurological trans has attenuated many from understanding that the education system is a real quagmire in the dumbing down of America. Collectively we as society need to understand why these globalists are ruining the education system and it’s imperative to lambaste them. We don’t have to be jibe on every issue regarding education, but this way of controlling our youth is a Malthusian catastrophe.

We are allowing the banks to control the American people, which will eventually lead to their children homeless on the continent their ancestors concurred, something Thomas Jefferson warn us about.


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