The Christmas Article You May Not want to Read

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Veracious Thoughts

In approximately a three hours, Christians around the world and most of the American population will be celebrating, the most commercialize holiday – primarily in the US – annually. I have always loved this joyous December holiday because it brings people closer to their love ones–family and friends. Christmas, brings my soul so much happiness and self-gratification; it is also a joy to witness people with so much alacrity to be more benevolent than anytime of the year, to those in penury or facing financial despair.

It is facetious that when the Christmas season approaches, people have a tendency of shying away from some of the most critical issues affecting not just this country, nevertheless the world. We are constantly hearing about Christmas gifts, but what about the National Defense Authorization Act–passed by congress and signed by our precious president–the Cyber security bill, the bailout of huge financial institutions as main street rot to the core, or the constant speech of potential war with Iran. These critical issues threaten on our civil liberties, our economies, and threaten the lives of people world around. And we find it acceptable to just push the huge pot of issues to the back burner, like it’s a side dish.

America is the largest consumer based society in the world, with a burgeon population of 310 million. We have grown to become more and more materialistic as technology has advance to satisfy our wants–not needs. Earlier this week, I heard about some erratic shoppers rampaging through a number of malls to shop for some Chinese manufactured Nike Air Jordan XI Concord. They acted as they were herd of wildebeests, being chase across the savanna by a lioness.  During the rampage, a grown men trampled over children just to buy a pair of kicks. We have witnessed the same actions a month earlier during Black Friday. I find it completely disturbing that this is the direction our society his headed toward; obsession over material goods while humanity and our freedom become quickly enthralled into enslavement.

Recently, I heard a director of a think thank say that even though America is a materialistic, consumer based society they still have  moral values and are open-minded. It is very difficult to even pretend that I agree with that statement. True, people are awakening from hypnosis, however, there is still an overwhelming majority of people still living in Kansas – and I don’t literally mean the city.

We are living in trouble times, especially when our government has no problem killing American citizens on US soil without due process; citizens can also be detained indefinitely,  by the military without ever being charged. Americans face constant monitoring making many desensitize and accepting the Orwellian Police State.

We’ve all heard the Christmas carol, “Twas a Night before Christmas” but Veracious Thought decided to just tweak the century old holiday carol to resemble what this country is facing. Hope you enjoy!

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, only Janet Napolitano,

while she monitor the house.

The cameras were hidden and hung inside the ornaments with care,

In hope that Big Sis will soon be there.

The TSA suck their hands deep in your pants, as they were being trained

to be  subservient pets.

While the Fed ran amok, without any oversight,

Giving away 27 trillion of your money to banks.

Momma and Papa spoke angrily about our freedom.

   When out on the lawn some boy was brutally taser;

I sprang from my bed to see was what the matter;

I cried and cried hoping he would eventually live another day.

 A snowy-white drone flew over my house;

Hoping to catch Papa writing anti-government  material.

A luminous sled pulled in front of my home carrying

spy cameras and of course ebody scanners.

I just knew it was Big Sis.

She brought me the some coal and a naked body scanner;

because I could be a future terrorist.

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!


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