I want to be…for Halloween

I never have been a huge zealot of Halloween, a contraction of All-Hallow-Eves. It might have been because my family never really truly celebrated a holiday honoring the dead as my neighbors and peers. I always thought it was a bit peculiar as got older because the origin derived from the Christian religion. So the question that I always pondered was “shouldn’t we celebrate and honor the dead as Christians?” But of course, it is was never unusual to realize their reasoning a holiday that diverted from honoring Saints and newly departed loved ones became more and more demonic and occult-like.

We see grown ass men and women as well as children dressing in demonic costumes to appease their satisfaction of wearing a costume that isn’t socially acceptable and on any given day. Don’t get it twisted, I enjoy watching grown women dressed as a sexy witches, nurses, schoolgirls…costumes. The issue that I have with Halloween is that it extracts attention from the Halloween that is limpid to the human eye around the world. Apprehensive about what I am referring to, let’s look at the endless wars, the killing of women children with drone attacks, the neocolonial invasions, the violation of civil liberties, fascism, collectivism, government chicanery, intrusive pat downs, Big banks running amok, and globalist controlling the world.

This list can go on forever, but I think we get the point. This year I have a penchant for wearing few costumes this year, which demonstrates some of the hellish actions that are occurring in this world. What do I want to be for Halloween?

US troops on the ground of Libya for neocolonialism.
The invasive pat-downs at airports extracting our civil liberties.

It is essential for our society to understand that Halloween is nothing other than an illuminati occult holiday that has desensitized us into believing that the celebration of death is cool. But let me tell you, there is nothing “cool” about what’s coming the mouth of these illuminati globalists. They have destroyed our country better yet the world, playing society off against one another to fulfill their global domination agenda. I know it may be difficult to dissect and resonate in your cerebral cortex, but if you analyze all the actions that have been occurring throughout the world-the endless wars, the violation of our civil liberties, and much more, it’s not hard to believe it has not been planned. The ugly Halloween world that we live in is more real than any costume or haunted house we may visit. Happy All-Hallow-Eves!


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