Neocolonialism Justified in Libya

UPDATE: We all can agree that Muammar Gaddafi was far from a Wali (a Muslim saint), no political leader should ever serve as a leader for over four decades-unconsciously a dictator. On October 20th Muammar Gaddafi was assassinated outside his hometown of  Sirte by the Transitional National Council (TNC) i.e. an al Qaeda formed the militant group. This militant group had financial and military support from NATO during the entire occupation of Libya. The rebel group has been involved in more humanitarian violations than Gaddafi himself. I am certainly not a Gaddafi sympathizer; I condemn dictators of all fashions because they theoretically oppress their own people like most forms of governments. It is always essential to analyze thoroughly the invasion of any country. There are no facts disputing that Gaddafi was a typical asshole of a dictatorial leader, but he still brought prosperity to his people and attempted to unify Africa.

The corporate media has propagandized us into believing that Gaddafi was nothing more than a miscreant dictator but failed to apprise their audience on the triumphs that the dictator have brought to Libya. During Gaddafi’s 42-year regime, he has improved the economy of Libya drastically. Under the feudal power of Gaddafi, the literacy rate was at a staggering 10 percent, one of the lowest in the world, but increased by 80 percent, the life expectancy rose astoundingly from 57 to 77 years of age. Libya instituted equal rights to all Libyans including women and black Libyans for employment opportunities, welfare systems, free education, free healthcare, and financial assistance for the purchasing a home.

Some say that the reason we had invaded Libya was to institute a democracy to the people of Libya, whom have been oppressed for 40 plus years; while others sing a different tune that it’s all about oil, which is a very valid statement. But what may be the underlying truth is that Gaddafi threatened this American empire by trying to create an African-continental currency, the Gold Xenon, which would obviously have been backed in gold. Wow, gold! I guess that would dismantle fiat currency in Africa, making it a very prosperous region. The controllers of the Federal Reserve and the other central banks around the world would never approve the shifting of financial powers. The Rothschild, Rockefellers, Warburg, and many other cartel bankers would have killed before they allowed African countries to control the money supply. As Mayer Amschel Rothschild said, “Give me control of a nations money and I care not who makes her laws.”


Libya is a country that has never taken a single dime from a single foreign nation (including the chicanery of the IMF), keeping the country debt-free. But of course, his dictatorial, stygian regime has killed many and financed leaders like Charles Taylor, who was responsible for war crimes.

The question that we should be asking ourselves is whether this neocolonialist invasion of Libya was justified, not whether Gaddafi was a bad man that is a well-understood argument. Our corporate media continues  to relay that the civil war in Libya was orchestrated by the Libyans people, well if you want to believe that regurgitated propagandize dialogue, be my guest.  As I have documented in a previous post on how the U.S. has been involved in the overthrowing of dictators since the end of WWII and replacing them with their own prodigies. In that post, I even discussed the situation in Libya and Egypt at that time. I addressed the fact many of the rebels are admitted Al Qaeda members even their leader, the CIA helped trained the rebels to overthrow Libya-not too surprising because they are very much responsible with the overthrowing of governments, NATO also supported and backed the rebels. The US, NATO, and the global elites removed Gaddafi from power, not to spread democracy in an oppressed region, but to control this region that produces amass amounts of resources.

Gaddafi during his reign.
The result of neocolonialism taking over Libya.

What I found so facetious is that when researching Gaddafi’s history you will find that he has had some close relationships with  world leaders while those same leaders helped orchestrate the invasion of Libya. In the 2007 French prime minister election, Gaddafi made a generous donation to Nicholas Sarkozy’s campaign. Does this seem like a conflict of interest to you well sure does  looks to me? This is the same country that helped in approving the invasion of Libya to oust Gaddafi while their very own prime minister accepted money to fund your campaign just 4 years prior. The corruption sure enough doesn’t end with Sarkozy, Tony Blair, and Prince Charles also had their hands in the charming dictator’s pants.

In a London Telegraph article, it elaborates on the  six private meetings Tony Blair engaged in with Gaddafi, during the last year as prime minister and years after. On two occasions, Blair flew to Tripoli on Gaddafi’s private plane. Some of the business deals involved Libya financing a Russian aluminum company through J.P. Morgan investment firm, as well as oil contracts deals. In a letter written days after Blair visited Libya in his final weeks as a prime minister, Prince Charles wrote a letter expressing gratitude on the growing relationship between the two nations. Tony Blair also wrote a letter to Gaddafi a month after his monarchical slave master did, expressing how the British government is eager to pursue deals, which would provide an air defense system which would have been designed to thwart the type of attacks with which NATO helped to unseat Gaddafi. These global elites are so mafia like that they will dine with you, become your best friend and kill you like Michael Corleone.

The death of  Gaddafi was confirmed, by NATO-backed rebels, who produced videos and pictures on their iPhones…of the dictator’s assassination. Subsequent to the rebels killing Gaddafi they rammed the barrel of an AK47 up his ass sounds like some sick occult CIA practice commonly orchestrated in Abu Ghraib. The mainstream media outlets laud the killing of the Libyan dictator, basically articulating that the Libyan people are now free and liberated. Now that is a blatant fallacy because there have been countless articles where the new leader of Libya will institute Shira Law as the main source of legislation. I respect Islam but condemn some of the civil rights issues e.g. women rights under sharia law. I can’t only imagine what this new leadership would do in wrecking the prosperity of this country. We have left the people in an even more draconian rule than they were under Gaddafi.

I recently watched Barak Obama during his mid-night interview on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno-a man that I believe should never, be in the position to interview anyone regarding political issues. During the entire 15 minute interview I was sick to my stomach, lies after lies, regurgitated talking points, Leno agreeing with everything Obama commented on, never asked one tough question. I don’t know what was worst, watching this interview or watch a minstrel show-damn, I guess that was a little harsh, but it is what it is.

Ok, many topics were discussed during the interview and I would love dwell on, but there were a few points that grasped my attention. Obama claimed during the interview, not a single US troop was on the ground, injured or even killed. Now this is was one of the most brazenness lies he made all evening. Press TV published a March 1st article mentioning that France, Britain, and the United States dispatched hundreds of troops to eastern Libya. No troops on the ground Obama, sure, he knows Leno won’t question those claims neither will the mainstream media. In that same article it also mentioned British and US special forces ported to Libyan cities of Benghazi and Toburk on the 23rd of February.

In an April press release from the Department of Defense, which elaborates and hints that a ground invasion in Libya is prominent-something that contradicts Obama’s statement.  Adding more criticism to the Obama administration, Alex Jones spoke with sources out of Fort Hood, to discover that a full ground invasion in Libya that was planned for October and November. One of the sources admitted that the initial numbers of troops to deploying estimated at 30,000 i.e. 12,000 active forces and 15,000 for support.

Another one of Alex Jones sources called, his radio show apprising Alex and his listeners that the military mortuary at USCENTCOM had already received US casualties i.e. 2 US soldiers and 3 civilians. The source clearly states that the casualties were killed in combat. Take a listen to the audio and be the judge for yourself.

The globalists and eugenicists that run this country better yet this world are misanthropes. They utilize the military industrial complex as well as the United Nations, IMF, and World Banks- both institutions created during the Breton Wood Conference to forcefully invade and control certain region of the world. We hear the media’s regurgitated talking points and the president insinuating that it was essential to remove Gaddafi from power, to give the Libyan people freedom. To be perfectly honest I think it’s asinine to believe any of that bullshit, do your own research. As I articulated in this post, the primary reason the Libyan dictator was killed is for expansion of neocolonialism in the Middle East and Africa. When the US decides to invade a new country, don’t believe that the penchant is to spread democracy-there is always an interior motive.


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