Orwellian Police State is Running Amok on the OWS Movement

I have addressed my opinion on the Occupy Wall Street movement-in my recent post, “Are We Occupying the Right Institution?” The demonstration has pervaded throughout the country, better yet the world. This movement has aggrandized in the past several weeks in illustrating protestor’s austerity with Wall Street. My affinity goes out to the demonstrators, for exercising their first amendment even though I may not agree with their entire position. But the issue that I found even more disturbing over the past month is this flourishing police state, which has invaded this country and tried to demonize this movement.

There have been a multitude of videos all over Youtube as well as alternative media sources that shows police committing unjustly actions-many of these police departments have been adulterated by Big Banks. I was always told that the police served the interest of the people, not corporations. The Orwellian police state is being used by these Big Banks as their personal security, but I thought their suppose to serve the rights of the people. Hundreds of protestors have been arrested on around the world for their peaceful protest.


A female protestor arrested for not wanting to be manhandled by police. It’s difficult to define what this country has diverted into, which is absolutely pure corruption.

Our rights are constantly violated because these officers are on their power trip.

The audacity of these miscreant banks i.e. Bank of America telling customers that they cannot close their account. American people has given over 24 trillion dollars in bailout money to these globalist bankers and they have the nerve to tell us what to do with our money.

A Saint Louis man and a Bank of America customer was SWAT teamed out of a local branch from closing his account-this hypocrisy of refusing customer to control their own money is ridiculous.

A Citi Bank branch holds hostage a group of Occupy Wall Street protestors whom are also customers of this financial institution from leaving. This is a limpid sign of criminal activity-in my book holding someone hostage is a life sentence.

These global elites are misanthropes whom love to institute an Orwellian police state, as a means of targeting those who are vocal against the chicanery in this country. The videos post is just a glimpse of all the corrupt and injustice that has transpired since this movement has begun. A republic that we once was has evolved into a plutocratic-police state, which is impeding this society-it’s forcing our voice into complete silence. What needs to be laud is the determination of these protestors never giving-up in the face of brutality. The action of this Orwellian state is running amok, while politician say very little about the police brutality-but quick to support the movement. The true corruption is within the Federal Reserve. Let’s start with ending the FED.


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