Are We Occupying the Right Institution?

It reads: Are you informed?

Approximately, three weeks ago a large group of activists decided to march on Wall Street and speak-out against this economic debacle occurring in this country-a 21st century Tiananmen Square. The movement has been a pervasive one, which spread to almost every major city in this country e.g. Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and even internationally. Activists attending these demonstrations all across the country have articulated a similar messages, on the fact that Wall Street has crippled our economy and we need to do away with capitalism-stop the corruption of lobbyist having more of an impact on legislators than voters-ending the economic disparity between the wealthy and poor. The movement is generally positive and encouraging in an attempt to be veracious on the subject of crony-capitalism that we reside. The directions of these demonstrators are a little nebulous, but once these activists are educated about the real malefactors, we can all put an end to the Federal Reserve.

It was pretty evince that when the Occupy Movement kicked off most of the protestors, or maybe protestors the media tended to focus their attention on failed to target the real institution; the Federal Reserve–a private banking cartel-an institution that has controlled and robbed the nation’s wealth since the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913. The fed is whom these well-meaning activists should, no, need to divert their attention.

The audacity of some of these politicians, saying they understand the austerity of the Occupy Movement when these are some of the same people who allowed collectivism to self-aggrandize itself. President Obama recently said that he sympathize with the Occupy Movement, after the movement has demonstrated their views for approximately three weeks toward the same institution that has given his presidential campaign record donations in 2008-it will probably continue in 2012. What is even more laughable is the fact that Ben Bernanke admitted during a senate hearing that he understands the outrage of the protesters. Ha ha! Sorry, I had to laugh at his response. He understands-understands what, the fact that as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve System, he helped orchestrate the stealing of 24 trillion dollars from the American people. That money was then given it to the owners of the Fed i.e. Rothschild banks of London and Berlin, Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris, Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy, Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam, Lehman Brothers Bank of New York, Kuhn, Loeb bank of New York, Chase Manhattan Bank of New York, Goldman, Sachs Bank of New York. The agreement that Wall Street is the main problem is a prime way of distracting the public from focusing on the destructive Fed.

This homeless man figured it Goldman Sachs can have a bailout why can’t he.

If we are not being amused by politicians, who claim they are in solidarity with the movement when they helped exasperate the problem–we have to listen to people like Herman Cain condemn protesters. This asshole i.e. former Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Branch, had the audacity to say, “if you lost your jobs it’s your fought, if you are not rich it’s your fought, don’t blame the Big Banks and Wall Street, blame yourself.” It’s astonishing, but not surprised that this establishment figurehead, a republican presidential candidate made this ridiculous comment. So, Cain, I guess everything would ok because the Federal Reserve is our friend? And we should vote for you because you have compelling 999 plan to fix EVERYTHING, right sounds more like a 666 plan. But who am I to judge I have never worked for the Rothschild, Warburg, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan owned Fed.

I openly laud and support the Occupy Movement demonstrators for being so brazen-whether or not they are targeting either the Federal Reserve or Wall Street. I was so exhilarated to stand side-by-side Occupy Philly this past week.  Some of this frustration has festered as a result of our very own government allowing corporations like General Electric and many others to pay almost  no corporate income taxes in 2011, while Jeffery Immelt i.e. CEO was appointed a Chairperson to the Council of Jobs a Competitiveness. I guess appointing Immelt was such a sage decision when his company has outsourced more jobs than most companies–this company has created nearly no jobs on U.S. soil while he lectures us on how to create jobs.These Big Banks i.e. nationally and internationally who own the Fed have received trillions of dollars in bailout money while Main Street suffers. It must be known that some branches of the Occupy Movement have targeted the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve runs this country, eradicated Glass-Stegall Act, and they put us in debt with their Ponzi Scheme and expect us to pay it off. These elitist and crony capitalist system we are under is definitely running amok and needs to truly be exposed. It is the problem, not capitalism

A message to my fellow uninformed demonstrators, the targeting of Wall Street is a great idea, but the real problem and culprit lies behind the doors, gates, and private guards of the Federal Reserve. This private cartel group e.g. as well as the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relation, and other covert organizations are responsible for the economic debacle that has crippled not just this nation, but this world economy. We wonder why this nation faces an unemployment rate in the double digits i.e. 19 percent-stop falling for these cooked government numbers. Wonder why this nation has over 40 plus million people on food stamps? Better, believe it is the actions of the Federal Reserve and crony capitalism that responsible for this catastrophe. I get it, Wall Street should take some blame, but we need not allow these miscreants to burgeon. Fighting the Fed is a chess match, not checkers game, it’s a bit more complicated. So let’s take on that challenge to see a REAL change.


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