Global Elite’s Soft Kill Weapon so Wake UP!

Soft kill weapon designed to eventually kill you.

Update: Adding a link regarding the government owning DNA from birth.

For some several years, I have stood on my soap box trying apprise the uninformed and the oblivion about soft kill weapons, which have been instituted into our everyday lives e.g. food, water,  and beauty products. Many of my own friends and family members have carried this inclination that they are going to have to die of something, so why should I even be concerned, or feel that it doesn’t make sense that the government i.e. FDA, EPA would allow toxic carcinogens in our food and water. This arbitrary attitude that many people either do not care or fail to believe that the ingredients in our food and water are as harmful than they want to believe.

My admonishment is not to make people nervous or afraid, but to inform, so we can take action and stop this genocidal behavior of these eugenicists. Soft kill weapons is a discussion that can be condensed as a dissertation. We can talk about Bisphenol A, vaccines, aspartame, fluoride, sodium nitrite (in package meat)…but in this post, but I rather elaborate on a two types of soft kill weapons: vaccines, and sodium fluoride.

Before we began to meticulously analyze, these soft kill weapons being utilized causing a sporadic effects on our health, let’s first define soft kill. It is basically the process of attacking to disable while making someone impaired, this is a lethal and a slow procedure.


Vaccines are your friends! The type of propaganda utilized in the medical community to attract the weak and the innocent. Since children have been very young, they have been indoctrinated as well as their parents by compartmentalizing physicians, into believing that vaccines help people live a salubrious life. Once a child is born into the world, he or she may have received a total of three vaccines by hospital staff (nurse), usually with the parents’ permission. However, there have been cases where parents whom opposed the vaccination of their child the procedure is still done; just like them all childrens’ blood are taken at birth and stored in a statewide database without proper consent.

One of the known vaccine newborns is usually injected with is Hepatitis B, minutes after being conceived. Wait a second! This is the same vaccine that are given to sexually active individuals, and we have the audacity to give it to infants who can barely keep their eyes open. By the age of two, most children have received 14 vaccines, but due the fact that most vaccinations require two doses, the average child may receive a total of 26 inoculations. Parents who usually refuse their children from being vaccinated are demonized and labeled as neglectful parents; in some cases pediatricians may even refuse to treat unvaccinated children. The thing that doctors and the medical industry fail to tell you is that much of the ingredients included in vaccines are toxic. If you ever took the time to read a vaccine insert, you may find ingredients such as aluminum, a heavy metal and thimerosal i.e. an organ mercury compound.  This penchant that it’s essential to be vaccinated, especially children, is a fallacy-orchestrated by the pharmaceutical industry, trickled down to the government who enforce it on society, whom then pushes on to you.

Look at the vaccine Gardasil, manufactured by Merck pharmaceutical. The vaccine was designed to protect against HPV – type of cervical cancer, and genital warts it was produced to be  administered girls and boys between the ages 9 to 26.  When we see or even hear the word cancer, we tend to think of fear, intimidation and even nervousness, which forces us to seek the quickest treatment. According to Dr. Diane Harper, 70% of all HPV infections resolve themselves within a year, and within 2 years the percentage climbs to 90%.  What Merck fails to tell you is that 49 deaths and a multitude of side effects have resulted from taking this vaccine. You may even say to yourself that “Gardasil, sounds very familiar,” well it does because it was mentioned a number of times in several of the GOP Presidential debates.

We need to realize how ruthless these globalists, behemoth pharmaceutical companies are, they are definitely running amok. Big Pharma used their minion Rick Perry, presidential candidate and Governor of Texas, who was paid to sell out the children of Texas.  Perry signed the executive order mandating all girls (later boys) to be vaccinated with Gardasil. Now the state of California legislature, whom also probably was brought out Big Pharma, passed legislation that will vaccinate children (between the ages of 9 to 17) without a parental consent. This blatant debauchery is pushing people further and further toward a world government.

I feel more inclined to tell readers on how these global elites have funded research for vaccines over the years, not as an elixir to better our health, but to control the population. The Rockefeller Foundation has written extensively about funding institutions to develop an anti-fertility vaccination as one method of controlling the population, through family planning. It is imperative to at least take a look at this 1968 Rockefeller document  (starting with page 51 onward) and just read their malign, dogmatic ideology of these people. In the early 90s Betsy Hartman, Director of the Population and Development Program at Hampshire College in Massachusetts was quickly able to equate the Rockefeller Foundation “anti-fertility vaccine” program with a world government as she articulated in an essay.

Recently, I viewed a video on Merck researcher Maurice Hilleman – you can view below. It illustrates him openly admitting that the vaccines that he helped developed, which were mostly Polio vaccines at that time. These vaccines were widely CONTAMINATED with UNKNOWN viruses, over 40 different strains. One of the well-known viruses add to the vaccines was Leukemia. What I found extremely disturbing while watching the video is that he mentioned leukemia being inserted into the Yellow Fever vaccines. A vaccine that my family receive every year when they travel overseas.  Judge for yourself:


We all have heard about fluoride, it’s a well-known fact that it’s in the majority of our toothpaste (e.g. Crest, Colgate) and it’s added to about 70% of the U.S. drinking water. For decades, we have been led to believe through propaganda, that sodium fluoride has been linked to dental health, but it has been proven otherwise . Let’s first define sodium fluoride, which is an inorganic chemical compound with the formula NaF. A colorless solid, it is a source of the fluoride ion in diverse applications. Sodium Fluoride  is less expensive and less hygroscopic than the related salt potassium fluoride (an ingredient that is used in lethal executions). When you have time, look up the ingredients found in rat poisoning and insect repellants, you will surely find sodium fluoride listed as an ingredient. It is far too dangerous that the medical industry i.e. dental system is still utilizing this antiquated propaganda, hoax that fluoride helps with dental fluorosis. There is ample research linking fluoride to bone cancer, liver cancer, as well as links to reducing the IQ levels in lab animals.

In 2004, Christopher Bryson wrote the prominent book titled, “The Fluoride Deception” that may also be considered a tome regarding the truth about fluoride. Bryson meticulously analyzes how the U.S. military utilized sodium fluoride during the Manhattan Project making the atomic bomb. Yes, sodium fluoride the  toxic compound was used to develop nuclear weapons, while we are encouraged to use it on our teeth as well as to swallow. A declassified memo was sent to Col. Stafford L. Warren, the commander of the Manhattan project,which warned that fluoride (coded “F”) rather than uranium (coded “T”) likely caused central-nervous-systems injury in nuclear worker (Bryson, 2004).

The science that the National Institute of Dental Research and other industries have been utilizing for decades in defending fluoride’s health effects is a hoax, corporate science. The first notion that sodium fluoride should be added to the public’s water supply was a suggestion by Francis Frary. In 1939 Frary, chief scientist for Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA), consulted his protégé Gerald J. Cox, a researcher at the Mellon Institute to add fluoride to the public water supply (Bryson, 2004). Well that explains a lot, if an industry wants to win the public opinion on bullshit fluoride science, who would be best to assist them with that conspiracy, um I don’t know, how about some of the prominent universities or institutions (i.e. Mellon Institute, Rochester University, and University of Cincinnati). Bryson also mentions in his book that the Mellon institute was a leading defender of asbestosis, this is the same institution that said for years that Mesothelioma was caused by something other than asbestosis. Based on their track record, why should we believe their research on fluoride or almost anything else.

A great deal of detail was mentioned about Dr. Harold Hodge, who was one of the key defenders within the fluoride debate. He argued on the safety of fluoride, as well as its beneficial effects of this compound in public water supply. It is well documented that Harold Hodge led in the orchestration of the human radiation experiment in hospitals across the country, which fatally and seriously injured many. Eileen Welsome devoted an entire book on the covert radiation experiment conducted on human being, entitled “Plutonium Files.” It’s disturbing that the IRB of any institution would ever approve such heinous experimentation on people, with the use of plutonium and uranium, never the less at the University of Rochester. So let’s analyze some stuff, while Hodge is telling the public fluoride is safe at 1 ppm (the same safety level the CDC provides on their website), he was also the chief toxicologist during the Manhattan Project. Are you surprise? Seems very obvious. One of the major chemicals used to create the atomic bomb was fluoride, like mentioned earlier, which was eventually was dropped on one of the cities in Japan (during WWII). It would be very unlikely that Harold Hodge would have undermined the Department of Defense and apprise the public of the health risks of fluoride. If so that would eradicate the entire nuclear project during WWII. Even if he were to veracious in spilling the guts he would probably have been either discredited or even killed so quickly we would be like, “Harold, who?”

Another leading defender of fluoride (in the workplace as well as in public water supply) that Bryson mentions is Dr. Robert A. Kehoe, Director of the Kettering Laboratory at the University of Cincinnati. Kehoe spent a lifetime trying to inform the public that lead added to gasoline had no health risks, but we all know that is nothing other than a fallacy. Just take a wild guess who may have funded Kehoe’s work on lead? Well I’ll tell you, the Ethyl Corporation whom were the producers of Tetraethyllead. Seems facetious isn’t it. While director of the Kettering Institute, he compiled an extensive bibliography abstract on fluoride toxicity and the role of fluoride in our drinking water. Some of Kehoe’s funders were ALCOA, Aluminum Company of Canada, American Petroleum Institute. Dupont, Kaiser Aluminum, Reynolds Metals, US Steel and institutions such as National Institute of Dental Research.

Two names that have been essential in the movement of exposing the truth of fluoride, in the public water supply George Waldbak and Phyllis Mullenix. Both scientists have been discredited for their research on fluoride, illustrating how fluoride is a carcinogen and how it causes other serious complications. It is synonymous that when someone speaks out against the globalist they are usually discredited and demonized.


Discussing about soft kill weapons is like writing a dissertation; it’s so overwhelming, terrifying, and even facetious, especially when researching this stuff. You will clearly encounter how these eugenicists are working with these insane scientists and our own government in reducing population size. In this post, I went over just two types of soft kill weapons-eventhough there are tons more being utilized on a massive scale. Vaccines impair the immune system, making a person desensitize and dependable to vaccines. These globalists knowingly utilize aluminum and thimerosal (mercury) in these vaccines. We are not making us any healthier, just sicker. Fluoride is still a debatable issue in many peoples’ minds, but there is clearly no nutritional value of fluoride by any means-it’s a deadly toxin that receives so much support from this corrupt medical industry. Yes, there have been some phenomenal creations in our medical industry, but we still must be vigilant and conduct our own research, when the medical industry uses propaganda to introduce something, they claim will improve our health. Not everything suggested by the medical industry has benefits, it could be given to expedite our demise. We should not allow this monstrosity to burgeon, they are controlled by miscreants. Let’s wake up, they’re trying to kill you!


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