VeraciousThoughts’ Account of the 9/11 Memorial

9/11 Truthers question the official story.

Like many of Americans, I decided to go on a two-hour pilgrimage up to New York City to document, as well as participate in the protest of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. In my latest post, where I gave my platform and reason on why I think 9/11 was an inside job. Just read the post, if you have not. It was an amazing experience to witness people stand in a massive line, while they heard the names of victims who have died on that faithful day (by their own government), as well as standing side by side with 9/11 Truthers.

I arrived in New York in the morning, oblivious to the logistics of the memorial, but figured that I could be to behind schedule. So, I  proceeded to head down to Church Street near the World Trade Center Memorial. The fact that it was in New York and the 10th anniversary of September 11th, I assumed there would have been an amass of people getting off the subway at Chamber St. When I got off, there were a number of exits, which were closed off due to the NYC Police State. Proceeding toward the memorial, I noticed barricades up and down Chamber St. preventing anyone from heading in a different direction. I noticed an overwhelming number of people standing in front of a telethon, watching family members step up to the podium as they read the names of victims. I walked further and ran right into a police state style checkpoint, where bags were being searched and metal detector wands were immensely used.

The crowd watch as family members read the names of victims.
Visitors hold the banner showing their patriotism.

It was not too surprising to see New York evolve into a police state; the country’s largest city (by population) and the fourth largest in the worldwide. It is evince that the global elites are desensitizing the citizenry to normalize with a police state. Prior to my bus reaching my destination, cars and trucks were being stopped and forced to go through unreasonable and unlawful searches. I noticed many people find the checkpoints facetious as I did; their expressions illustrated how uncomforted they were. People were snapping photos and filming the unlawful procedures, which occurred at these checkpoints. Some officers were completely agitated with the behavior of people snapping photos. I wondered if this agitation derived from the injustice that is clearly being documented.

I got as far as possible to the memorial as the barricade would allow visitors to walk. There were a number of people in the crowd honoring their country by wearing US flag apparel, quickly, I began to ponder to myself in confusion, wondering whether these honorable citizens are expressing their love to their country or government. As I stood in line for hours, it became exasperating to watch a ceremony based on the “official story,” which resonates with too many people (esp. Americans). And the refusal to honor the first responders. I began hearing a ton of ambient noise a block over from the memorial, which periodically drained out the reading of names. I did find a bit amusing.

I decided to walk over to all the noise, figuring that it was coming from 9/11 Truthers, but before I could even leave to walk over I was stopped. Yes, stopped, again! Apparently, these NYPD officers had the audacity to search me for absolutely no reason. It was so intrusive, mainly because I was searched as a spectator of the memorial. When I asked officers the reason for the search, they had no answer. I guess this a paragon of a developing Orwellian Police State.

Walking to different protests and rallies was like going through a maze. I forced to travel blocks in the opposite direction to even be able to cross the street. Insane! When I was finally able to locate the 9/11 Truth Movement the police occluded them far from the massive population attending the memorial. Nevertheless, it was still a good location. It was great to have been able to converse with like-minded, intelligent individuals about controversial issues. As a group, we exchanged the truth about September 11th with so many people about what happen 10 years ago. The Truth Movement opened the eyes of many people who were remotely interested, which is always inspiring. We congregated across the street from a church where many were memorializing the victims that enabled us to be in a position to convince and persuade the truth about 9/11. People photographed us so much, I literally felt like we were an exhibit in a museum. There was this once incident, where the police stopped a man, cited him and threaten to arrest him because he laconically agreed with our message. Yeah, believe it was crazy, I did not think they would sensor thought.  He was told that he couldn’t protest the Official Story, however, it cannot be  done on the same side of the street as the memorial. Now that is a limpid example of people’s rights being violated for expressing their first amendment of the constitution.

Watch the video of 9/11 Truther and We are Change member was condemned and nearly arrested for veraciously exposing 9/11 at the end of the memorial. Hear how many of the officers agreed with him.

It’s important to commemorate the victims of 9/11 as well as the first responders (who were barred from attending the memorial), but we should never just sit back with our feet up, be lethargic, and comfortable about lies. This should angry every American and any sane individual their perjurer of a government. So, many tend to be servile and susceptible to the entire ordeal. The positive thing is that many are waking out their slumber, but the challenge is still to apprise others. The question is once the truth is a known fact, would it make us so frustrated forcing a revolution and new investigation? We should not allow this government to orchestrate false flags, as chicanery to infringe on our rights and convincing this nation into unjust wars. Let’s never be afraid of to be veracious, never feel comfortable with lies.


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