Globalist tends to Colonize the Middle East

Globalist’s foreign policy in the Middle East.

It’s always empowering when we hear of sedition in nations where there has been a tyrannical dictator in power, or in a country where oligarchs rule. Since the beginning of the year Middle Eastern governments  have been plummeting  like a domino effect; worldwide through an amass of news outlets, we have watched front row, riots, protests, and rebellious outburst, which eventually led to overthrowing of the Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. A similar type of sedition has also erupted in Yemen and Sierra and Libya. Wow, well whose next? Most would probably come to the conclusion that one rebellion has set off rebellions, which is too good to be true. One must go in depth into the historical background, as well as the U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

The overthrowing of Mubarak was essential to the people of Egypt, especially when he embezzled tens of billion of dollars and invested tens more in the military. While his people struggled to support their families and constantly being oppressed. A dictator who has been in control of Egypt since 1981 ( 30 years) and one of United States’ strongest allies in the Middle East. Thirty years, wow–may not be as long as Qaddafi, but I’ll get into that a little later! When a head of state (i.e. dictator) is usually a megalomaniac or is just not a political zealot of the western world (i.e. the United States, global elites) they are eventually removed from power. Since the 1950s, the US government has instituted a foreign policy, which systematically abdicate heads of states and inaugurating their own dictators to power. An evince example is Panama, where at the time the head of state, Omar Torrijos was assassinated by the CIA  to allow their graduate from the School of the Americas (recently changed to WHISC by congress) Manuel Noriega to obtain power. WHISC is the breeding ground to train terrorist and dictators. Once the US feels that they have no use with the heads of states they put in power, they force them to resign.

Could the CIA have been the dissembler  in the overthrowing of Mubarak? Of course, it’s surely  never difficult to rule out such a thought.  This agency has a long history of assembling coup d’etat to divest leaders from power. It is also not impossible to think that the Egyptian’s sedition incited a rebellious outburst. My inclination is that as a result of the protest and constant media attention around the world; the US and probably the UN gave Mubarak ultimate to forswear or face a military removal. The revolution outburst is more lucid to analyze them in Egypt.

Shortly after the uprise in Libya, President Barak Obama apprised the American people that he would deploy troops to Libya in assisting with humanitarian aid. The White House’s quickly diverted from humanitarian aid to a kinetic action, not a war; it sounds too much like chicanery, in distending this military industrial complex. Come to find out in the early stages of the  uprise, CIA operatives were on the grounds of Libya, probably planning their covert operation. As we know, the CIA has been behind the overthrowing of governments for decades and it’s asinine to believe that they’re not involved in this uprising. The leader of the rebel army in Libya admitted in an interview that he and his rebels have strong ties to Al Qaeda (the infamous  terrorist organization). Whether we want to believe it or not, our very own CIA formed the Al Qaeda. Do your own research.

It’s always difficult to believe that your  own government has created such an infamous organization as a means of fear mongering and a mechanism of control. If we were to look intensively at how this organization was formed it may surprise you, or not. In the late 70s and early 80s, Zbigniew Brzezinski was pretty involved in the Middle East while the National Security Advisor under Cater. Brzezinski (globalist) campaigned in supporting the mujaheddin who received financial funding from the CIA as well as from the MI6 (one the Britain’s Intelligence agencies). It was then branched off in creating the Taliban and Al Qaeda, which continued to receive billions of dollars. Conclusive public documents reveal that Osama Bin Laden was a well paid CIA operative, he even had a code name, Tim Osman. It’s so facetious that it’s almost impossible to roll off my tongue.

Overthrowing a dictator is surely not the worst idea for the people of any nation engage in, especially when controlled by a tyrannical head of state. Many of these dictators leeches on the wealth of the country, it holds power. Qaddafi may not be the paragon of the typical dictator because he  has brought prosperity and wealth to his country. He also envisioned to revolutionize and unify Africa. Any dictator serving 42 years in office will exasperate many of their own people to be  motivated to engage in a civil war. The problem with the  Civil War in Libya is that many of these rebel fighters, including their leader are admitted members of Al Qaeda. What is a bit ironic is that the corporate media and U.S. government want us to believe that we should support this Libyan rebel army while simultaneously still fighting a war on terror? But the Libyan army is Al Qaeda! Do they actually think that we are a novice and don’t have the capacity to think critically?

Nations are formed and should be controlled by the people, who occupy it, not by a dictator, a monarch, an oligarchy, plutocracy, or even a theocracy. The forceful abjuration of a dictator, or any form of government, not protecting the rights of the people, serving the people, and protecting them in time of war is ideal. But the problems come to terms when civil wars are orchestrated by outside entities as a covert way of instituting their agenda, i.e., neo-colonialism. That is why it is imperative to research and critically think about situations in the Middle East because our foreign policy is too dubious, as well in other places.


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