75 years for the F**k what?

The sole purpose of the police is to protect and serve, the citizenry of the jurisdiction they serve. They are also authorize to

It is not legal to film the police everywhere in America. Pretty unfortunate!
It is not legal to film the police everywhere in America. Pretty unfortunate!

enforce legislation passed by their megalomania. At times police officers execute their powers to enforce certain laws, while violating the rights the same people they are suppose to protect and serve. It is evince that our constitution is gradually being dismantled and each amendment shattered into shards. It is especially clear after reading an article, of an Illinois man that could face 75 years in prison for recording a conversation with an officer.

According to the mans account, he recorded the officer as a means of protecting his words from being misconstrued and rights violated. But what the gentleman was never apprise about is that like Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts and 12 other states has the most draconian wiretap laws. This man could face life in federal prison, for what? Recording an officer, who  confronted him on his own property. Wait, wait, it is a known fact that police officers can record routine traffic stops without citizens’ consent. So, when the average citizen does it, we’re violating the law.

Oh, I see now because we could potentially expose heinous actions of officers on power trips. The government knows that they can manipulate and control the media, but when it comes to social media it is nearly impossible. It’s difficult to prevent videos to be uploaded to youtube and blogged, whether being about a handicapped man assaulted by police in DC, or the assassination of Oscar Grant by an officer. So, legislation of this magnitude is a sage way of controlling people in the protection of their rights. I find these cases facetious, prosecuting someone for just exercising their first amendment rights is asinine. These are public figures, they serve the people in the community (as previously mentioned). I just fail to grasp my mind around the fact that this type of legislation was even passed, to protect the violators of the precept that is supposed to be up held. This is the globalist and governments away of making us more and more servile, acclimating us into accepting this police state. We should not accept this corrupt system. Read the article from the Huffington Post. 


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