A Closer Look At Apple

Jump, jump, but Apple dose not want you to.
Jump, jump, but Apple does not want you to.

For years, Apple propagandizes society into believing that the company is one of the best humanitarian corporations in the world. It is a little difficult to believe in their propaganda, especially when 17 Chinese of Foxconn’s factory employees work committed suicide. After discovering the increase in suicides, Apple along with Foxconn mandated employees to sign a waiver, stating that they will not commit suicide. And to guarantee suicides prevention nets were added around the factory.

Suicide nets were assembled to catch employee, who attempts to commit suicide from falling to the ground. I must admit I own several Apple product, which makes me a hypocrite, right? I love Apple’s elegant design and premium technology that is usually above their competitors. Hoverer, it is imperative, No, it is crucial to expose the truth about a globalist corporation; forcing them to change their ways and agenda (that’s always questionable). The outsourcing of job was a planned agenda instituted by the NAFTA, so

sad while world economy suffers.


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