The Behemoth Industries: Blood Sucking Leeches

This weekend, while hanging out with a few friends; we began discussing the importance of having insurance, medical insurance specifically. It seemed that mostly everyone engaged in the conversation had something positive to articulate about having insurance. I felt like an outlier throughout the entirety of the conversation. Mainly because I was on the opposite side of the argument– 3 against 1. As you will realize in future posts, I am maladjusted; I tend to think outside of the box, think critically and analyze information in-depth. Based off my ideology people tend to place me in the same arena as conspiracy theorists. Some claims made during the argument, in supporting of insurance were somewhat legitimate.

These friends were arguing, how imperative it is to have insurance because uninsured individuals are paying a considerable amount of money to cover those medical expenses. The phrase, “having insurance just provides you with that peace of mind” was reprise like a chorus in a song. I clearly understood their point of view, medical insurance does at times give you a peace of mind, especially when you are in dire need of medical treatment. In most cases, hospital as well as clinics won’t usually treat patients immediately unless they have an insurance carrier. It seemed that my friends were somewhat oblivious to my point of the non-importance of medical insurance chiefly to those with the strong immune system or those who practice  holistic methods. I also addressed to them on how insurance companies are nothing beside blood sucking leeches to many of the Americans. Health insurance is beginning to become more and more expensive, especially in an economy where the dollar is losing a considerable amount of value. I don’t think it matters whether one has an HMO, PSO, or PPO, they all derived from egregious health insurance companies.

After we concluded with that conversation, I began to ponder about the unconstitutional healthcare bill, passed by congress and the senate (passed on the 23rd of March 2010). This draconian piece of legislation that was only  instituted to increase the profits of health insurance providers, not to help many Americans. Our gracious and so noble corporate media, never apprised  us until a week before the healthcare bill was signed into law that executives of some of the top insurance companies were running in out the White House, like it was a whore house. It would be easy to say that the healthcare companies wrote the bill and that is exactly what happened.

One of the things stipulated in this healthcare reform bill requires employers to pay health insurance policies for employees. While most small business are forced to fire workers, and higher less, companies such as McDonald’s, ATENA, CIGNA, (two of the biggest healthcare providers) and Jack and the Box(just to name a few) were given healthcare waivers, by the Obama administration. This seems like a bit of a double standard in my eyes. To grant major corporations waivers, while a small  grocery stores and clothing store (i.e. small business owner) would probably be obliged to lay off multiple employees to cover the cost of health insurance for a few. It would have been ideal to institute single-player health system, rather than advancing this lucre driven system that makes the companies more and more powerful leeches.

We as a society need to understand the gears of our healthcare system and the other institutions that are conspiring with the healthcare system, who are running amok. And draining billions of dollars from our pocket. I truly believe there are legitimate reasons to go to a dentist appointment every 6-month for a cleaning or other major examination, as well as going to see a physician for an annual check-up, or to be treated for other medical issues. But if we were to lucidly analyze this system, we may find it a bit shocking. If we were to look  at a company like Butterball that knowingly use sodium nitrite in the packaging of all their meats, which knowingly causes cancer. We may have an intuition to ask questions. Once diagnosed with cancer, most doctors would strongly suggest seeking chemotherapy, which dramatically increase the lucre of the healthcare industry, pharmaceutical companies as well as the food industry. It’s clear that one industry feeds the hand of another industry, basically a way of consolidating power.

It is imperative that I’m doing my part to veraciously tell the truth that is not being illustrated in our tautology media. The target audience of Veracious Thought is to consciously awaken those  willing to open up to the alternative truth (not conspiracy theories).


8 thoughts on “The Behemoth Industries: Blood Sucking Leeches

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