Are Patriots Really Non-Patriotic

Your Facebook news feed is buzzing, twitter feed is trending and every day there is a new meme created about Colin Kaepernick. If you have been hiding in a bunker underground, during the… Continue reading

Concern About Who I may Vote For?!

  The one thing that inflames me the most about the independent media, who are jubilantly supporting Trump because of their robust disdain for Hilary Clinton and then in the same breath argue… Continue reading

Kneejerk Reaction to the Nice France Attack

Subsequent, to the horrific in Nice, France, while hundreds of people celebrate Bastille Day  you have western media outlets, political leaders, and politicians who quickly called it terrorism without evidence. Their only rationale… Continue reading

Believe the Police State is In Full Effect

What if were to tell you a story about two incidents of two Black men shot and killed by two individuals with the silver shield dressed in blue uniforms. As you may know,… Continue reading

Neocons Think Trump will Appoint Ron Paul to as Secretary of State

Subsequent to Trump winning the Indiana Primary this past Tuesday and becoming the presumptuous nominee for the Republican Party. Neocon Blogger, Jennifer Rubin tweeted “Ron Paul Secretary of State #thingstoworryabout”. We all know where this is… Continue reading


We are exactly four months away from the Republican and Democratic National Convention, hosted in the  two swing states of Cleveland, Ohio and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As of now, we have a have about… Continue reading

The Racist Institution of the Academy?!

I recently read an article on the site The Federalist, in my opinion, one of the most respected media outlets on the internet with a libertarian-conservative base. Hans Fiene (the journalist) analyzes the… Continue reading

NFL Playoffs Don’t Miss it You are Paying for it.

For years, I always wondered with overwhelming curiosity, why in the hell are NFL fans passionately brag about their team’s wins. But it is not like these fans have an invested interest in… Continue reading

Is Donald TRUMP Rhetoric Different from the GOP

Those of you who have read my work before, know that I hold no allegiance to either political party. I am one who will never side with the lesser of two evils, just to… Continue reading

Happy New Year Everyone! 2015

Veracious Thoughts: In a few hours the world will be departing 2014 and entering the new year of 2015. In 2014, the stories and reports that have surfaced in the media has been interesting… Continue reading