Selective Memories are Easily Hookwinked

A few weeks ago, Kim Jong Un and his generals took extreme measures and decided to fire ballistic missiles over Japan. The international community panicked, especially the Asian island because during the crisis situation the citizens of Japan only heard emergency sirens, while a ballistic missiles travel over the sky. As if a siren would save the […]

NRA Playing the Divide and Conquer Game

Where have I been? Somehow I have not been sync into all things politics. I recently came across the latest NRA ad hosted by Dana Loesch. The ad sparked an abundance of criticism from much left and even the right because it gives this inclination that liberals preventing Trump from making America great again. The […]

Trump’s Cuba Policy seem Hypocritical

Last Friday, Donald Trump spoke at the Manuel Artime Theater in Little Havana (Miami) to discuss his new Cuban policy. Appearing in front of a crowad of Cuban- Americans, he signed an executive order to rollback part of the Obama administration Cuba policy that was implemented in 2014 to normalize relations with communist dictatorship. So is […]

Condoms Never Failed so Why Change

My ex-girlfriend hated using birth control while we were together, mainly because of all the side effects she experienced.  Prior to weaving off those toxic chemicals, she used to facetious tell me, “they should make birth control for men so you can feel my pain. Yes, she was an asshole and visionary, but I loved […]

Fake News is Nothing Other than Government Propaganda

The Friday before one of the most celebrated holiday in America, Christmas. The outgoing President Barack Obama left a lump of coal in the stocking of every single American while robbing you of your liberties and freedom like a thief in the night. He signed another draconian piece of legislation, S 2943“Intelligence Authorization Act for […]